How do you clean water?

you simply put it through a machine that takes out all the sludge [poo] and then a grinder that leaves it there for a couple of hours to set into clean water. By Jacob Tharme (MORE)

How do water get clean?

water doesn't really get cleaned but if you have a swimming pool you can clean it with Clorox but if you want to clean a lake or something you can't however if there's trash i (MORE)
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What is clean water?

clean water is when water is clean and there is no bacteria or bad stuff that can give you a infection.

How does water get clean?

The three keys to clean pool water are circulation, filtration and sanitization. If any one of these is missing, water will not be clean. Filters should be cleaned regularly a (MORE)

How do you get water to be clean?

You can boil it if you are going to drink it. If you are talking about pools there is this chemical called chlorine that you put in the pool. Chlorine can be found sometimes a (MORE)
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How can you clean water?

fitration,evaporation adding of purifing chemical like chlorine,sedimentation make water safe for drinking but a pure water(totally free from impurity) is got by distillation. (MORE)

Why is water clean?

Because the water we get is from the reservoir. A reservoir is a reserved lake for tap water and drinking.

How is water cleaned?

The water goes through the water purification center. They add chlorine, alum, carbon, fluoride, and lime to the water. The chlorine kills the germs, the carbon gets rid of ba (MORE)
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How do you make water clean water?

You must boil its at a 100 degrees Celsius or 212 degreesFahrenheit which will sterilize it and then it must be filtered.