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What songs are on vanilla sky soundtrack?

The following is a complete listing of songs on the "Vanilla Sky" soundtrack: . 'All the Right Friends' performed by R.E.M. . 'Vanilla Sky' performed by Paul McCartney . 'E (MORE)
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What is soundtrack music?

Music that is used in motion pictures, in its entirety or portions of. Can be original compositions recorded specifically for that film/tvshow. Or music that has already been (MORE)

Who wrote the music for the Charlie Brown Christmas special?

Vince Guaraldi wrote the score for the Charlie Brown Christmas special after being discovered by cartoonist Charles Shultz (Peanuts comic writer) and Lee Mendelson (producer o (MORE)

Where can you get the BBC Robin Hood soundtrack?

Good luck with that! I searched everywhere and found it on There were only 2 copies available and both were used and at a hefty price of 70.00. I had also checked (MORE)
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Who wrote the Broken Sky series?

The Broken Sky series was written by the famous writer named Chris Wooding. Chris is a British writer known for his sense of creativity and detail expressed throughout his di (MORE)
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Who wrote the title music to the series Misfits?

The band The Rapture wrote and sang the title music to the television show Misfits. The Misfits are also a punk rock band that was fronted by Glenn Danzig in the 1980's.