Is there a category on WikiAnswers for school subjects?

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Yes, there is. It has quite a few subjects. Check it out here:
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Why does WikiAnswers have a category about how to commit suicide?

WikiAnswers does NOT have a category relating to how to commit suicide; the category is part of the Catch-All Category. Questions on the subject are added to the related qu

Where is the Jokes category on WikiAnswers?

There is no specific 'Jokes Category' on WikiAnswers. But there are two categories called the 'Humor and Amusemet Corner' and 'The Most Amusing Questions Ever Asked On Wiki

Is there a category for psionics on WikiAnswers?

No, not yet. There are currently (June 2010) only a handful of questions on this topic. If there are enough questions to warrant opening up a subcategory, we will be happy to

Why nanotechnology is not a category in WikiAnswers?

To have a category, there must be a certain number of questions belonging to that category, usually a minimum of 100. However, many categories are not 'stand alone' subjects a

Which categories on WikiAnswers are for Supervisors only?

The categories that are open only for supervisors are the catch-all categories. Note: 'Catch-all Questions' the category, not the catch-all categories (e.x. 'Adds No Value') i

What are the Runescape Category Guidelines on Wikianswer?

All standard Wikianswer rules apply to the topic. Usually, all new answers will be reviewed to make sure they are acceptable. Because there are many supervisors for this categ

How do you know when a category is about to be deleted from WikiAnswers?

It is rare that a category is totally deleted, and announcements are not generally made about it. On the few occasions that it does happen, some of the WikiGroups may be asked

How many categories on WikiAnswers do not have a category Supervisor?

As of August 27, 2011 here are the Primary and Secondary categories, 144 in total, without supervisors: . Veterinary Medicine . Zoology or Animal Biology . Real Estate .