Is there a forward facing child carseat for 1986 944 Porsche?

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What year did the Porsche 944 first appear?

Answer . The Porsche 944 appeared in 1982 as a brawnier update to the 1975-1988 Porsche 924. Porsche began exporting the 944 to North America the following year.. It was introduced in the US as a 1983 1/2 model, and was a 'benchmark' automobile for other sports cars to be compared to for the nex (MORE)

Will a carseat fit in the backseat of a 1997 Porsche 944?

An infant seat (in which the infant lies on his or her back with his head toward the front of the vehicle) will fit behind the passenger seat provided that the passenger seat is neither leaning back too far nor slid back too far. This coule make the passenger seat uncomfortable for a tall passenger. (MORE)

How much horsepower does a Porsche 944 turbo have?

Porsche 944HP . OK, I'm haven't used these number for a a little while however the Porsche 944 Turbo was produced with two different HP numbers as follows:. Porsche 944 Turbo (85-88)-217. 881/2 - 91 -253. During the 1988 model year Porsche produced two 944 Turbo versions, the 'normal version' (MORE)

How do you replace a Porsche 944 radio?

like any other car take out the old one, there is small holes on each corner of the front plate you push those in and it comes out, then disconnected.. unless there is the right harness on the radio you are putting in you must cat the wires and connect them together, u can use a double A battery to (MORE)

How do you disassemble a transaxle on a 1985 Porsche 944?

This is a tricky question, because the transaxle is made of several parts, on a 944 there are2 "stub" axels on each end of the transaxle which are held on by i believe 6 bolst to the CV joint itself, which will come apart into several peices, easiest way to ess with this is to just replace the peice (MORE)

Common problems with Porsche 944?

on early 944s - motor mounts, rear hatch power release, expensive timing belt replacement costs (essential), hard to find a clock that works, sunroof motor gear, and no cup holders

Change Porsche 944 headlight?

Gotta be careful. With the key in the 'on' position (don't need to actually start the car), turn on the headlights so they pop up. Then, turn the key off so the lights turn off, but don't turn the knob back off, as they will pop back down. There is a screw at the bottom of the black assembl (MORE)

Where is the transmission fluid on 1983 Porsche 944?

I really think you should have done some research before purchasing this unique sports car. The transmission (or technically, the transaxle) is located in between the rear wheels, the the engine up front. There is no dipstick. The fluid is check through the filler plug in the transaxle, it is also f (MORE)

Where are the jack points for a Porsche 944?

The jacking points for the 944 are under the sill. if you look at the sill closely you will see a diamond shape pointing out where the jack should sit. be sure to use this point as you could buckle the floor or worse, put the jack right through the floor! it's the one point if you want the front or (MORE)

How fast will a Porsche 944 go?

Red line is 6500. Half of that is 3250 rpm. Drive in top gear at 3250 and see how fast you are going. Then multiply that speed by 2. That's the theoretical top speed with no wind and flat ground. The Porsche owners manual shows their top speed figures a little lower than redline. My gps shows higher (MORE)

How do i turbocharge a Porsche 944?

WaY ToO expensive!, sell your NA 944 and buy a 944 turbo. Unless you find a COMPLETE 944 turbo engine with the mounts, turbo, the complete long block, the computer with electric harness and all sensors, air filter and intake system, fuel distribution system... for some reason, the clutch housing is (MORE)

Where is the temperature switch located at at on a Porsche 944?

Which temperature switch, there are 2. One is the DME temp switch and that one is close to the water inlet at the top of the motor and usually has a blue connector. The dash sensor is located in the middle of the block under the intake manifold and is a single wire sensor.

Change a Porsche 944 headlight bulb?

\nyou will need to get yourself some 6024 bulbs a star screwdriver and about 15 minutes ok open your hood and locate the manual motor for the headlights start to screw them up but be careful because when you get about half way up they will pop up on their own there is an electrical connection that y (MORE)

Where is crankshaft sensor located on Porsche 944?

There are two of them, and they are located on the clutch bell housing that is bolted to the rear of the motor. They are held down with 10mm bolts that can be accessed if you stand on the drivers side of the engine bay and feed an extension with a swivel down past the wiring on the firewall.

Oil weight on Porsche 944 1988?

I bought my 1988 944 Turbo and it was using a lot of oil--about 1 liter per 500 miles. I changed the oil and put in a recommended Valvoline race oil (VR1) 20w50. It almost completely stopped using excessive oil--only about 1 liter every 1000 miles or more. This is factory spec (1-1.5 liters every 10 (MORE)

How to close Porsche 944 headlights?

there is a switch....if that has gone out there is a manual override located in your engine bay. at the very front left side ther is a black rubber boot. remove and ture the knob until they close

How do you open hood of Porsche 944?

Pull the button in the foot well then pull the hood up, the catch is in the centre of the hood, if you mean the tailgate then get in touch and this is easy too.

Is a Porsche 944 an exotic?

No. Far too many of them were produced for them to be considered exotic. The same is true of almost every Porsche, save extremely rare cars like the 959 and Carrera GT.

Where is computer located on 84 944 Porsche?

It is under the passenger side floor board. To get to it, remove the floor mat. The carpet is attached to the floorboard by velcro at the top. Pull the carpeting down, and the plywood floorboard is visible. There are 2 Philips head screws, and two large flathead plastic screws. Remove them, and pull (MORE)

Where is water pump on 1983 944 Porsche?

you see that radiator hose that has a larger end ? that larger end is the pump.not a easy fix and the timing belt and balence shaft belt are attached. special tools required. good luck.

How do you remove the sun roof from a 944 Porsche?

Unlatch the two roof latches above driver and passenger. Partially press the roof switch on the dash to unlock the bolt. Push roof up manually. You will need to exit the car and reach your arm under the roof to push it open. It is quite heavy and needs some strength to carefully lift it away from th (MORE)

How do you get the drive shaft off a Porsche 944?

really? what drive shaft. its a shift tube for the trans. trans is in the rear of the car. its called a trans axle. trans shifts the cv joints which turns the wheels. so you never have to take down the shift tube for no reason theirs a long steel rod inside that tube. that comes from your shifter to (MORE)

Why won't your 1982 Porsche 944 start?

Theres only 2 reasons a car wont start. No fuel or no spark. Check for fouled plugs, damaged distributor, broken spark leads, blocked fuel filter, blocked fuel lines or faulty injectors.

What is RPM in Porsche 944?

RPM stands for Revolutions Per Minute and refers to the speed of the engine. for example at idle the engine will be doing approximately 800RPM. This means that that crank shaft revolves 800 times in one minute, the maximum RPM pf a 944 is about 6500, meaning the maximum allowable amount of revolutio (MORE)

Where can one source a Porsche 944 for sale?

There are many options for selling a Porsche 944. Amazon auctions and eBay have proven to be surprisingly lucrative options for selling classic cars, and even Craigslist has good success rates.