Is there a forward facing child carseat for 1986 944 Porsche?

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Will a carseat fit in the backseat of a 1997 Porsche 944?

An infant seat (in which the infant lies on his or her back with his head toward the front of the vehicle) will fit behind the passenger seat provided that the passenger seat

How do you replace a Porsche 944 radio?

like any other car take out the old one, there is small holes on each corner of the front plate you push those in and it comes out, then disconnected.. unless there is the ri

Common problems with Porsche 944?

on early 944s - motor mounts, rear hatch power release, expensive timing belt replacement costs (essential), hard to find a clock that works, sunroof motor gear, and no cup ho

Change Porsche 944 headlight?

Gotta be careful. With the key in the 'on' position (don't need to actually start the car), turn on the headlights so they pop up. Then, turn the key off so the lights t

How do i turbocharge a Porsche 944?

WaY ToO expensive!, sell your NA 944 and buy a 944 turbo. Unless you find a COMPLETE 944 turbo engine with the mounts, turbo, the complete long block, the computer with electr