Is there a special day at Dixie Classic f Fair NC for persons with special needs?

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What is special needs?

It is how to say disabled politely. Could be anything from people who lost their legs or are blind, to people with bad ADHD or depression, to people autism.

Is there a special drivers license for motorcycles in nc?

yes, it is called a motorcycle classification or MC for short. In some states riders need a certain number of hours on a bike to be endorsed which in some areas is a requireme

What are special needs?

Special needs can range from behavior disorders, mental, physical and emotional disabilities.
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What activities are available at the Dixie Classic Fair?

Some activities available at the Dixie Classic Fair include a barnyard petting zoo as well as the village of yesterday. There is also an educational building containing fine a
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Why might a person set up a special needs trust?

One reason a person might set up a special needs trust is to help provide for a special needs person without interfering with their receiving government benefits. You can lear