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What is dual boot?

You can have more than one operating system installed on a computer at a time. Dual boot allows you the choose which system you want to use. With dual boot enabled, when you t (MORE)
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Which is better a iPod touch or android tablet?

It depends on what you want out of the device...Also if you want something cool and your in your teen or older years, an android tablet is the best. An Ipod is good but it c (MORE)

How do you get android lock screen on your iPod touch?

Unfortunately, its not possible yet. the itunes app store does not have a app that allows you to get the cool android screen lock pattern. The only way to get android screen l (MORE)

Android or iOS?

It depends on your needs. Do you need a simplistic phone for an extortionate price with a bad mapping app pre-packaged, or do you want a fully featured phone platform with a w (MORE)

Can you text from iPod touch to Android?

It is possible, but you need the TextPlus app. It's free, and allows free texting.
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How do you transfer music from android to iPod touch through bluetooth?

Yes it is possible, but you need an i tunes library in between.  Fire up iTunes, import the songs from your droid into your itunes  library, then sync. If you can find the m (MORE)