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Is there a website where you can sing and get feedback?

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What is feedback?

Feedback applies to several forms of circular cyclic activity. Business Feedback : The communications from customers giving reviews, criticism, or suggestions on a product or

What are some singing competition websites?

The 2B Awards, an online talent competition, was launched November 11, 2010 and is creating a buzz all over the world. Competing in creative categories that include singing,

Why do you feedback?

A: Follow this the amplifier has infinite gain. So any input will slew it to either power supply buss as saturated. Now take this saturated signal and feed it back to the inpu

What is a website can record yourself singing on?

Well I don't know a website, but there is a thing that you can download called Audocity. You can add a backing track and record your voice! You can do lots of other stuff as w

What does feedback do?

The purpose of negative feedback in electronic amplifier circuits  is to make the performance of the circuit depend as far as possible  on well defined passive components li