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How does the capacity of a Blu-ray DVD compare with that of a standard DVD?

Answer . Single-layered DVDs hold around 4.7gigabytes, with Dual-layered DVDs holding around 8.5gb\n. \nA single layered Blu-Ray disc can hold up to 25gb, with a dual-layer holding up to 50gb.\n. \nThere is also a Holographic Versatile Disc (HVD) in the research stage that, if it works, will be (MORE)

What is a Blu-ray DVD?

Blue Ray Is... . A Blue Ray DVD is one of the 2 formats that are currently on the market, that are able to play a Movie in High Definition 1080p. The other format is HD DVD. At the time I am posting this answer, to the best of my knowledge, there is only one maker of a HD DVD player that will pla (MORE)

What is Blu-ray DVD?

Blu ray DVD uses a lower wavelength scanning laser than standard DVD players, which permits more picture information to be encoded on each Blu ray DVD disk. Basically: it is a higher-quality DVD image.

Do you have to play a Blu-Ray DVD on a Blu-Ray player?

All Blu-Ray players feature backward compatibility with DVD's,which means that you can play a standard DVD in a Blu-Ray player. However, the reverse is not true. You cannot play a Blu-ray disc ina standard DVD player.

When will Blu-ray go 3D?

It was released in early june. It was cloudy with a chance of meatballs. More have been released since then.

Can Blu-ray dvds be played on non-Blu-ray DVD players or do you need a Blu-ray DVD player?

The answer to this is no. Blu-ray may only be played by Blu-ray players due to the fact that Blu-ray DVDs were made with blue and violet rays, hence the name blu-ray, and can only read using those Blue and rays. Absolutely. All discs of every type can be read on all disc reading machines. In a short (MORE)

Will a blu ray play DVD?

Mostly, blu ray players are complitable with dvd , so you could player dvd with a blu ray player.

Can you play Blu-ray DVD in a HD DVD player?

Sorry, but no. Not unless the HD-DVD player has a Blu-Ray logo on it. Blu-Ray and HD-DVD are different competing formats, like VHS and Betamax. Unfortunately, it looks like the HD-DVD format is going the way of Betamax -- WalMart recently announced that they will no longer carry HD-DVD.

Do HD DVDs play on a DVD and Blu-ray player?

no. high definition (HD) DVDs are not playable on regular or blue ray DVD players, due to the fact that HD DVDs are designed differently. therefore, they need to be played on a HD DVD compatible player. however, there are some brands of HD DVD players that will allow standard DVDs to be played, whic (MORE)

Can a blu-ray DVD be played on an HD DVD player?

There have been just one or two high definition DVD players capable of playing HD DVD and Bluray discs. If you have one, it will make it very obvious on the front panel that it will play both. It is unlikely that you own one of these, so the HD DVD player in question almost certainly plays HD DVDs a (MORE)

Is a Blu-ray disc a DVD?

yea its just a more new generation DVD It is the size of a DVD, but it is able to contain many times the information as on a DVD and it is not a DVD. It will not play on a DVD player.

Is 3d better on Blu-ray?

Current 3D content is available on broadcast channels and on Bluray discs. The content is HD regardless of the source so there will be no discernible difference between Bluray and broadcast 3D signals.

Why will Blu-ray player play DVD but not blu-ray?

It sounds like your player may be having some issues. Try these steps to fix it: 1. Unplug your Blu-ray player for 5 minutes, then plug it back in and try again. 2. Call the manufacturer of the player to ensure you have the latest updates. 3. Call the manufacturer of the player for service.

Wen dos the move avatar com out on DVD or in 3d?

According to James Cameron the Official Avatar DVD Release date is set for April 22, 2010 - Which is also Earth Day. This is for the DVD and Blu-Ray version. Avatar is supposed to be released in November on a 3D DVD/Blu-Ray Disc along with a special edition dvd, but this is yet to be confirmed by Fo (MORE)

Will Avatar 3D be out on DVD?

No, there is a 2d DVD, with special features including unseen scenes on Earth as well as other extras It will be released on 3d blu-ray this November Edit: the studio has commented that 3D is not currently in the pipeline (MORE)

Why is Blu-ray better than a DVD?

For a few reasons: Blu-Rays hold up to 5 times more data than a standard DVD. Blu-Rays have better sound and picture quality. And Blu-Rays have a special hardcoat layer on the bottom of the disc that makes it more resistable to scratches than a regular DVD.

What does Blu-ray DVDs mean?

First, Blu-Rays are not DVDs. People should not get the two mixed up. Blu-Ray discs will only play on Blu-Ray players and those will only work on HDTVs. Blu-Ray players can play DVDs, but DVD players are not compatible with Blu-Ray

Can you burn DVD movies to Blu-ray with DVD burner?

No. Blu-Ray discs can only be burned (written) using a Blu-Ray burner . A DVD burner will not be able to write Blu-Ray discs, because their lasers are different. A DVD player will not even be able to read Blu-Ray discs if it isn't equipped with a second laser (or some wavelength-bending device) (MORE)

Isn't Blu-ray a DVD?

In so much as it carries Digital Video, yes - it's a Digital Video Disc. It's name - "Blu-Ray" - is a reference to the difference from 'regular' DVDs, though. On a digital compact disc, information is stored as 'groves' (or 'gaps') and 'valleys' (or 'hills'), etched in a layer in the disc using a (MORE)

Can regular dvds play on 3d blu-ray player?

Bluray players are backwards compatible so they will play standard DVDs as well as Bluray discs. Note that although the DVD is being played by a Bluray player, it does not make it HD quality. Some bluray players will up-convert the standard definition image from 480 or 576 lines up to 1080 lines bu (MORE)

What is a Blu-Ray DVD Drive?

It's a drive that can play Blu-ray discs and standard DVD discs. Most DVD drives can only play standard DVDs-they can not play Blu-ray discs. All Blu-ray drives can play standard DVDs, unless the DVD is not a region recognized by the Blu-ray player.

Is Blu-ray 3d reald 3d?

3d is 3d. its just 2 images one for left and one for right. RealD is one system for taking the 2 images and polarising them to block the opposite eye. Most home theatre systems have been using XpandD aka flicker or shutter, which uses a synchronised LCD shutter in the glasses to block opposite eye. (MORE)

Can scratched dvds damage a DVD or Blu-ray player?

No. Nothing touches the disc, only laser light. If left in the machine trying to play it, it may make noises as the sled tries to track the damaged disc, but this would only cause normal wear to the moving parts, same as an undamaged disc.

Can you play Blu-ray DVDs on a digital DVD recorder?

No. It has to be a blueray machine. Blueray machines are backward compatible, you can play standard DVDs and CDs. They are not forward compatible. The laser used in blueray machines, is significantly different. Normal DVD machines cannot see the blueray disk.

Why will Blu ray player play DVD but not blu ray?

It is quite likely that the Bluray player is faulty. A badly aligned laser may still be able to read the larger DVD tracks but not the much finer tracks on a Bluray disc. Try some different Bluray discs. If none of them work, it might be time to get the player repaired or replaced.

Can you watch a non Blu-ray dvd in a Blu-ray DVD player?

Usually yes, not because "blu-ray" players are inherently capable of reading standard DVDs, but because the manufacturer has included standard DVD reading hardware in addition to the "blu-ray" hardware. The reason for this is the perception that most people would be much less interested in buyi (MORE)

What is the best hands down 3D Blu-ray DVD player on the market today?

There is actually no one model that can be considered "the best". Here's why: All Bluray players are built to take data from a disc, format it into a signal and send it out on an HDMI interface. The whole process is predictable and the output data from one model will be the same as the other. Don't (MORE)

Where you can find blu-ray DVDs?

You can find these in any place where they sell standard DVDs. Many DVDs now come with a blu-ray disc. However, be aware that you need a blu-ray player to play blu-ray discs.

What is better DVD or Blu-ray?

Blu-ray will give better quality but these are much more expensive. Most DVD players however give quality for good price. It really depends on much you want to spend.