Why wont it let me video chat with my friends on xbox live?

well first you need a kinect and if you have one then you have to press the center button on your controller and it will say friends, so you click on that and you go down to t (MORE)
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How do you invite someone to video chat with on Gmail?

To video chat with someone on gmail you have to make sure that they have video chat. To do this you need to look @ their icon. If it's a video camera option they can video cha (MORE)

How do you have a video chat on Gmail?

To have a video chat on Gmail, 1. Create a gmail account 2. When you have created an account, add to your address book the email address(es) of the person(s) you want to (MORE)
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Where can you download video chat for Gmail?

you go on your gmail and press someone to chat with they don't have to be online though then press the video camera under the other persons name and then you press install voi (MORE)

Is Gmail video chat safe?

Yes. I downloaded the plugin for video months ago and nothing bad has happened to my computer. It is very private because before someone can chat with you you have to accept t (MORE)
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How do you video chat on an apple computer?

You can use facetime on an apple computer to video chat with another apple device. To video chat between apple and windows you have to use a third party program like skype