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Where does Corbin Bleu live?

Los Angeles, CA . Corbin Bleu was born in Brooklyn, but he and his family later moved to Las Angeles.. he lived in Brooklyn,Ny!

How can you write to Corbin Bleu?

Hey guys don't beilive her shes liing I know corbin blue cosin , yah well online but still I know what she looks like. the girl before was liing

Does Corbin Bleu have a big ego?

Answer . NO WAY!Corbin Bleu does not have a big ego!I met him a the DC Games this year and got his autograph,and he is the sweetest,most thoughtful guy ever!

Does Corbin Bleu Have A Bebo Account?

well on his myspace hes got a picture of the bebo logo along with the facebook one, flixter 1 & some others x. well on his myspace hes got a picture of the bebo logo along with the facebook one, flixter 1 & some others x

Does Corbin Bleu have Webkinz?

corbin bleu does not have a webkinz but he really wants one but vanessa hudgens has one

Is corbin bleu sexy?

Some may think so (like me). He has a great, muscular body, and great hair. He is quite sexy. . he is so sexy his body is sexy two i want to meet him so bad!

How Do I Get In Contact With Corbin Bleu?

well dahhhh call him or go to his site and try to get a date

Is corbin bleu hot?

The answer to your question is ....... yes. Sorry, but not as much as Zac Efron!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In what movies has Corbin Bleu appeared?

he was in many with little and big parts and in plays when he was younger. now he does the tv shows flight 29 down and he guest starred on the first Hannah Montana episode. His only movies at this age that I know of are High School Musical 1 and 2. he was in many with little and big parts and in plays when he was younger. now he does the tv shows flight 29 down and he guest starred on the first Hannah Montana episode. His only movies at this age that I know of are High School Musical 1 and 2

Who is Corbin Bleu?

Corbin Bleu is a famous singer and actor. He has starred in HSM, HSM2, HSM3, Jump In, Flight 29 Down, etc.

Who has Corbin Bleu dated?

Answer . monique coleman. anhh!! wrong he is now dating Makeshia Luicen a.s

Does Corbin Bleu have a ripped chest?

Answer . NO! . Answer . why would you ask that its all flab !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If Corbin Bleu lost his voice on the day of a concert would you look at him any differently?

Any of us wouldn't look at corbin bleu any differently, because even if he did lose his voice, we would still love him the way he is.. Any of us wouldn't look at him differently, because even if he did lose his voice on a day of any concert, we would still love him the way he is, that is what we love about him,. WE ALL LOVE YOU CORBIN BLEU!

Is corbin bleu black?

No, Corbin Bleu is not Black. he is half White and half Black. His mum is White (Italian)

Does Corbin Bleu love you?

corbin bleu loves white girls because he wants his kids to be like him,having a black dad and a white mom.

Does Corbin Bleu have any siblings?

Corbin has three sisters. They are Phenoix, Jag and Hunter. their called Hunter,Phoenix, and Jag hunter jag and phoenix yes Answer . Jag. hunter and phonenix . Answer . um jag hunter and phoenix no. he just has 3 sisters

Who Should Corbin Bleu Date?

Actually, Corbin should date MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! He hate u all! He loves me. We are going to get married and raise and boy giraffe named Phillip! He just doesn't know yet. And he doesn't know me. Oh well! DON"T DISS MY HOBBY OF LIKING GIRAFFES AND CORBIN BLEU!!!! (please?) . WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? THE QUESTION IS HOW OLD DO YOU HAVE TO BE TO DATE CORBIN BLEU. NOT ARE YOU OBBSESSED WITH GIRAFFES OR CORBIN BLEU.

Does corbin bleu have any pets?

Answer YES, HE HAS A YORKIE THAT I KNOW OF yes, a fish called tubby

Who is Corbin Bleu dating?

Corbin Bleu is engaged to Sasha Clements. No Girlfriend he doesnt have a girlfriend. yet. . Yes, he is dating Ashley Tisdale. One of his friends stated that they are romantically involved. . I don't believe he is dating Ashley tisdale. i think he is dating Monique Coleman or nobody. . Well Ashley Tisdale and Corbin are not dating - she is dating Jared Muillo. Just look him up and they're together! . He has got to be dating Monique Colman but if you look on 'who dated who' site it says that he dated raven, ashely tisdale Jojo and Miley Cyrus but i don't believe it. i only believe that he is dating Monique Colman. No he not single He is dating a girl named jocelyn...

What films has Corbin Bleu been in?

High School Musical 1 , High School Musical 2 , and Jump In . When he was a child he was in a film called Catch That Kid . Kristen Stwart was also in Catch That Kid

Has Corbin Bleu got a girlfriend?

corbin bleu has been in mixed relatoinships, some say he has gone out with Ashley tisdale even zac efron so no one really knows!!!

What Corbin Bleus favourite song?

corbin has made a lot of good songs; but his fav is I

Is Corbin Bleu cool?

he was cool but that was in like 2006-07 and that was when HSM was the in

How did Corbin Bleu become a star?

Corbin Bleu began his career with small roles in film andtelevision. His big break came was he was cast for "High SchoolMusical."

Where can you find pictures of Corbin Bleu?

\n . For pictures of Corbin Bleu, see Sources and related links below, or use Google image search in your browser.

What is corbin bleus pet called?

Corbin Bleu's pet dog is named Spinee. Corbin Bleu is best knownfor his acting roles in the hit movie 'High School Musical'.

What is Corbin Bleu brother name?

i don't even think that he has a brother, these are really stupid questions, u know?

Does any one have a picture of zacky vengeance shirtless?

Look on the tour intros on Live in LBC...or on youtube or somthing and there is one intro with a video of him and his shirt is off..and yes I've seen many pics of him with no shirt on.

Is Corbin Bleu coming to Australia?

\ni do want corbin bleu to come to Australia because that my dream and i want it to come true cause i have a crush on him!!! yes corbin bleu has to come to Adelaide or Australia yes corbin bleu has to come to Adelaide or Australia

Is corbin bleu smoking?

The internet and lots of people are saying yes but it is really hard for me to believe.. The internet and lots of people are saying yes but it is really hard for me to believe.. he does not smoke and he never will anyway. in a picture he was coming out of a building and had a pen in his hand but people keep on commenting that it was cigerret but i don't see any smoke coming out

What movies was corbin bleu in?

High School Musical 2 (2007). Sing it all or nothing(2007). Flight 29 Down:The Movie(2007). Jump In!(2007). High School Musical(2006). Catch That kid(2004). Galaxy Quest(1999). Beach Movie(1999). Soldier(1998). Hannah Montana(2006-2008). Albums. High School Musical 2 soundtrack(2007). Another Side(2007). Jump In! soundtrack(2007). High School Musical soudtrack(2006). Disneymania Volume 4(2006)

Where can you talk to Corbin Bleu?

\nyou look up his name on my space and you click chat if your having problems with that then email me @ and be sure to put your namer so i can help you!! thanks

What is Corbin bleu full name?

Well, from the information I have collected from many resources, Bleu is NOT his last name. It is his middle name. His full name is Corbin Bleu Reivers.

Are there any pictures of Kyle Korver shirtless?

Tight fitting clothes don't flap in the wind, don't get caught on the seat when mounting/dismounting the bike and most importantly they eliminate bunching and chafing in the worst imaginable places.

Corbin bleu school?

we can not give away his school or home address under any cercumstances. as we will be told off. but you can get his fanmail on his official website thankss

Are there any pictures of Kirk Cameron shirtless?

Short of any private family photos, there are no public shirtless photos of Kirk Cameron. And contrary to any of the popular answers on the web, it has nothing to do with his Christianity. Although he was obviously in great shape, in his autobiography "Still Growing" Kirk talks about being self-conscious aboutPectus excavatum a condition in which the "breast bone" (sternum) appears sunken and the chest concave. It is sometimes called "funnel chest. So the most that is out there are sleeveless shirt photos revealing arms that depending on his age range from toned to muscular, the result of what he recalls in the book as "working out a minimum of 2 hours a day".

Is Corbin Bleu in love with scarlett?

corbin your secret crush scarlett is not in love with you she is dating someone else and his name is Ryan reyals so please give up please corbin. you have to figer it out for your self I don't have to tell you so I don't have to

Are there any pictures of Gerard Way shirtless?

There aren't any REAL ones I believe. But, if you search the web, youare bound to find something. I'll try and find out more.. xoxoxoxo,. Yuna. (My Youtube is gerardfanperson)

Does corbin bleu have a small penis?

Yes, he has a really small one. Not only that It happens to be extremely needle-like. Needle-dick.

What happened to corbin bleu?

Well Corbin Bleu died on 9/11 from the attack. You're welcome........ If you belived this you're stupid as hell

What film was corbin bleu recently in? says he played the role of Cale Bryant in the 2008 movie Free Style.

What does Corbin Bleu Reivers name?

\nfirst of all its corden bleu\nand it means blue ribbon in french and is also referred to as high class cuisine

Will you ever get to met Corbin Bleu?

you will probably not ever meet Corbin unless you become famous. i would not count on that either. by the way do you know what Corbin says when he is on the toilet. he says I got to push it push it to the limit limit cause I'm in it to win it win it oh yeah PUSH IT.

How many girlfriends Corbin Bleu have?

Corbin Bleu doesn't have any girlfriends, and will never have any if he doesn't shave off his ugly hair. He shouldn't be famous, since his voice is soooo lame...even more lame then Miley Cyrus's and I didn't know that there a voice more horrible then if you want a girlfriend Corbin, then shave your hair, and become an actor, since your voice is LAME!!!

Who is Corbin Bleu related to?

His father is a television actor, David Reivers, he has acted in Charmed and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. That's basically the only one that I'm aware of...

Does Corbin Bleu have fine hair?

He's got naturally curly hair. It looks like he may have coarse hair because it's so thick, but really can't answer that. You would have to run your fingers through it and find out(lol).

Is there any pictures of Richard Harmon shirtless?

First episode of tower prep, at the end. There is a shower scene, *SPOILER* he loses his clothes and runs outside. 0.0

Was Corbin Bleu in Galaxy quest?

A pre-teen Corbin Bleu played the role of "Young Tommy", the younger version of Daryl 'Chill' Mitchell's character, with great relish and a really bad wig! In future, the answer to such questins can be found with a quick check on

Are there any pictures of brad kavanagh shirtless?

Sadly no. He's so... sexy. Hopefully there will be, I've heard he's been working out. He's buffer and cuter in House of Anubis Season 2: you can see his chest hair protruding through his shirt. He's got a lot of armpit hair, I've heard he likes wearing AXE body spray... (AXE: Lynx in Australia)

Does Corbin Bleu have a tattoo?

Well I don't think he does because of how he acts and it was never put on the Internet that he got one but I am glad that he doesn't because he isn't a follower and is a leader! Keep the good job up.