Can you use any phone with metro pcs?

no it depends on the type and which service it originates from. and if your phone can be used with Metro Pcs their are Limitations only "Voice and Text" can be used....http:// (MORE)

Is there any way I can unlock my metro pcs phone start-up lock code I have already tried all 4 123 etc... and even tried the last four of my phone number. Please help?

The answer is 00000. Thanks 000000 worked for me. I got a new htc ( i was going to get the blackberry ) cell phone and I could not figure out how to unlock it for MetroPCS o (MORE)

How do you unlock your metro pcs LG Android phone if you have the pattern key and you forgot the pattern you used for it n you just made any old email addy to get to your apps so you dont remember?

Sometimes there are password questions that have been set by the user. If one's phone has that option, the user can answer the password questions correctly and will then be gi (MORE)

How can you unlock a metro Android phone?

You don't "UNLOCK" that kind of phone,what you might want to do is flash it to another company. In this case you are already at the bottom company because usually phones from (MORE)