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How many queens can you have in chess when you have the pawns go across the board?

At the beginning of a chess game, each side (or color) has one queen. However, each pawn that makes it to the opposite end of the board may be 'promoted' to a queen. If ever

Where does your new piece go when the pawn reaches the opposite side?

A pawn that has advanced and been promoted can become any piece the player choses. And that piece goes on the square that the pawn advanced to to be promoted. When the pawn is

Is Ross Lynch in any shows?

Yes he is currently in a Disney channel show called " Austin and Ally" and plays Austin Moon. He is also in a band called R5 with his brothers and sister, but it's on YouTube.

Are any pawn shops open on Sunday in Oklahoma City?

No, Oklahoma Does not allow contracts to be singed on Sunday. This is why You will not find Car Dealerships, Pawn Stores, Or Loan Agency's open on Sunday. Pawn Stores can sell

Is there any nudity on the show NCIS?

I love NCIS! There is nudity but the nude people are 'dead'. Luckily when they show Ducky (the coroner) working on the bodies or the bodies that're waiting for Ducky to work o

Can pawn pass another pawn?

A pawn may pass another pawn if there is some tactical or strategical advantage to do so - this is an option exercised at the discretion of the player(s). It only becomes a pa

What pawns that?

  "This" pawns "That"