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Is used only once in a document and identifies a unique element in a document?

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What are the main elements of HTML documents?

The main elements of an HTML document are the HTML element, the HEAD element, and the BODY element. To pass the W3C specifications, you also need to have the TITLE element.

Why is it important to spellcheck a document once you have typed it?

A document that contains spelling errors implies that:   a) the author does not care about presentation   b) the author is too lazy to edit his or her work   c) the a

What is a document?

Formal piece of writing, that provides information or acts as a record of events or arrangements.

What is document?

A document is a paper that gives information or it gives a computer data file

What document is used for documenting a meeting?

It is usually called the 'Minutes of the Meeting'. The said report includes the subject, date, venue, attendees, discussions, issues/concerns, agreements, actions to be taken/

What is documentation?

Documentation refers to the documents supporting a case, claim, application or report. For example, one might say, 'You have completed the application, but the documentation i