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Is windows 7 older than windows vista?

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Is vista better than Windows 7?

No, windows vista is not better than Windows 7.    Windows vista is too heavy, uses up too many resources. While windows 7 is light, making most computers capable of ru

How do you downgrade from Windows 7 to Windows Vista?

of course, back up all your files to an external hard drive and perform a clean install with your vista disk. they onlu make it easy to upgrade never downgrade. if your don't

What is faster Windows Vista or Windows 7?

Generally, Windows 7 is faster than Windows Vista. This is partly through a process of analysis of code to look for bottlenecks between Vista and 7 and improved memory managem

How does Windows 7 compare to Windows Vista?

Windows 7 doesn't really compare to Windows Vista. However, Windows 7 is way better than Windows Vista, because it doesn't have any bugs, viruses, malware, spyware, etc. and i

Are Windows Vista and Windows 7 the same?

  No. Windows 7 is based upon Windows Vista, but includes new features, bug fixes, and performance enhancements.

How do you change Windows Vista to 7?

You'll need a copy of windows 7 on a CD, and the activation key ready. Make sure you back up all your files before switching, because installing a new operating system over th

Can you upgrade from vista to Windows 7?

Yes, but make sure your PC meets these requirements:1 GHz processor (32- or 64-bit)1 GB of RAM (32-bit); 2 GB of RAM (64-bit)16 GB of available disk space (32-bit); 20 GB of a

What does Windows 7 do that Windows Vista does not?

There are many new additions to Windows 7, including: -Jumplists -Built-in ISO burner -Customization of Notification Area -XP Mode (Not just compatibility view) -Improved to

What upgrading from vista to Windows 7?

Windows Vista is an awful piece of software. It's slow and they rushed it out. Microsoft did a terrible job... (I got a Mac Book because I was so mad) Windows 7 is a great imp

If you have Windows Vista can you upgrade to Windows 7?

Yes, you can update by going to Microsoft's website. I highly recommend doing so. Windows 7 is much, much better than Windows Vista. You can update cheaper then buying Windows

Which is older Windows XP or Windows 7?

Windows XP was released in August 2001 whist Windows 7 was released to manufacturer in July 2009 with retail release being October 2009. So Windows XP is around 8 years older

What makes Windows 7 better than Vista?

Following are some of the additional features of Windows 7 over Vista    · Multi Lingual User Interface  · Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Optimi