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Is windows 7 older than windows vista?

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Windows Vista or windows 7?

I would say Windows 7. Normally i would say it's what suits you but in this case, know for a fact that Windows 7 is much less frustrating than Vista. It doesn't crash (as much

Is Windows 7 better than Windows Vista?

Much better ! It's dramatically more stable than vista ever was, and is much more user friendly.

Is vista better than Windows 7?

No, windows vista is not better than Windows 7.    Windows vista is too heavy, uses up too many resources. While windows 7 is light, making most computers capable of ru

Is Windows 7 better than vista?

There are many viewpoints of debate between which one is better, but overall, most say that Windows 7 is better than Vista.

What makes Windows 7 better than Vista?

Following are some of the additional features of Windows 7 over Vista    · Multi Lingual User Interface  · Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Optimi

Why is Windows 7 better than vista?

Imagine if both transformed, vista would be that over complicated robot fighter that doesn't perform to par and windows seven would be easy to control and is a much better per

Why is Windows Vista worse than Windows 7?

Since that is an opinionated question i am assuming you want some  opinions why vista is worse than 7.   First, vista is not as user-friendly. Second, the windows sidebar

What does Windows 7 do that Windows Vista does not?

There are many new additions to Windows 7, including: -Jumplists -Built-in ISO burner -Customization of Notification Area -XP Mode (Not just compatibility view) -Improved to