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It's a busy day in the office but you've finished with your assignments. You should?

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How do you finish your school assignments quickly?

Here are some tips1) distractions. Turn on the cell phone, text, talk, Put the iPod in your hands, listen to music, TV. 3) procrastinate. Start your assignments late and spre

How do you know you've finished growing?

Most people know they have stopped growing when they don't see any increase in size for an extended period of time, often in their late teens to early twenties. But the only w

You have finished the assignment in Spanish?

  Have you finished the assigment in spanish?   Terminastes la asignacion en español?   Terminastes la asignatura en español   You have finished the assigment i

Can you help me finish my assignment?

There are online websites that can help provide students with detailed explanation on different types of work assignments. Some are free and others are not free.

What should you do when you love a boy but you've already gone out so now it's awkward?

Honestly, you just have to let it go. I know it sucks and you don't want to, but if you love something you have to let it go. Maybe try being friends? If that doesn't work you