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It's a busy day in the office but you've finished with your assignments. You should?

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How do you write assignments for MBA international business?

Based on the topic, do a literature review. Your best bet would be your college library. Harvard business review, Wall Street Journal etc will have archived versions of topics

As CEO should you list CEO on your business card or Chief executive officer?

I have seen a lot of business cards that says CEO and I think that is fine. Everyone knows what a CEO is. However, some people might confuse CEO with Chief Entertainment Offic

Who decides if a government office or business closes or stays open on veterans day?

federal government closing are established by the USA. office of personnel management (OPM).generally ,when a holiday falls on a non-workday--saturday or sunday--the federal g

Finish this saying 'as busy as a?

As busy as a bee. This originates from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, (the Squire's Tale), 1386-1400.

What are the duties of business development officer?

  To my own view business development officer is a person who laising and canvasing business   To my own view business development officer is a person who laising and c

How do you finish a report in one day?

You can finish in one long day, if you are super organized. Also, keep moving forward, and don't throw away work that you have already done. Most steps will be at the brainsto

Is office cleaning a good business to get into?

Yes, cleaning offices would be a good business if you enjoy  janitorial duties. The start-up costs would be minimal, it provides  consistent income, flexible hours, and the