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It's a busy day in the office but you've finished with your assignments. You should?

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Should you just move on if after being in a relationship with a man for 3.5 years he still is not ready for marriage and it's the 3rd time after you've mentioned the subject that he has said NO?

  Answer     Yes. After 3 years, if he wants you to understand his not being ready for marriage, he needs to discuss the reasons he feels this way.   Chance

How do you write assignments for MBA international business?

Based on the topic, do a literature review. Your best bet would be your college library. Harvard business review, Wall Street Journal etc will have archived versions of topics

As CEO should you list CEO on your business card or Chief executive officer?

I have seen a lot of business cards that says CEO and I think that is fine. Everyone knows what a CEO is. However, some people might confuse CEO with Chief Entertainment Offic

Who decides if a government office or business closes or stays open on veterans day?

federal government closing are established by the USA. office of personnel management (OPM).generally ,when a holiday falls on a non-workday--saturday or sunday--the federal g

Finish this saying 'as busy as a?

As busy as a bee. This originates from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, (the Squire's Tale), 1386-1400.

You've finished treating an Airman's small caliber gunshot wound with no evidence of an open chest wound What should you do now?

Answer   SABC answer (straight from the training class): Allow the victim to assume the position easiest for breathing, and observe/treat for shock     Caveat:
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Who assigns the state coordinating officer?

The state coordinating officer is assigned by the governor of the  state. Their job is to coordinate disaster assistance with the  federal government.