Just born baby suspect with asphyxia due to improper breathing and admitted in NI CU under machine ventilation from last 5 days but no improvement found in breathing- Pls suggest necessary treatment?

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Are you in labor if your baby is due in 2 days and you were up all night with painful contractions lasting 45-60 seconds every 5 minutes but today they have stopped?

I had the same thing happen and when I went to the dr. she told me that I was in "early labor". She also informed me that early labor can last hours, days, or even a week or two. Rest assured active labor isn't too far off.\n. \n Answer \n. \nYour contractions were that bad and you didn't go t (MORE)

Is nitrogen necessary for breathing?

Answer . Nitrogen is an inert gas and is not necessary for breathing. Oxygen on the other hand is quite necessary. Without a sufficient partial pressure of oxygen in your breathing mix, you will become unconscious and if it is low enough, you can even die. For certain types of dives, nitrogen is (MORE)

Can babies breathe under water?

That depends on what kind of baby you are talking about. Baby fish can certainly breathe under water. Baby mammals cant breathe under water.well it depends that's what i learned din my class of fcs.:) or else

How does a baby breath once it's born?

The baby won't breathe as long as it is connected to the umbilical cord of the mother. This is because the maternal circulation provides blood flow to the baby, taking away carbon dioxide and providing oxygen. Once the cord is cut, the baby still "burns" oxygen and produces carbon dioxide. Carbon (MORE)

Can babys breath under water?

No. No. Absolutely not! If you put a baby under water they will drown. Only a child that can hold their breath and has been trained to swim either by parents, other adult, or a swim school can swim and hold their breath under water, but then only for about a min. Never put anyone underwater. Only le (MORE)

If babies can breathe in water in your belly then why cant we breathe under water?

Babies don't breathe the water in the womb. Their mothersbreathe for them, and supply them with oxygen through the umbilicalcord. Babies don't start breathing until they are born. . Humans, well no mammal can breathe water, because our lungscan't get any oxygen from it. . Although they do the same (MORE)

I am from Australia and i was just wondering which pregnancy test you will suggest to take My period is due in 5 days is their any test i can have before i am due?

I am not sure if they have this brand of pregnancy tests in Australia, but in America. According to the ClearBlue pregnancy test accuracy results they are:. 4 days before expected period= 51% accurate 3 days before expected period= 82% accurate 2 days before expected period= 90% accurate 1 d (MORE)

Breathing is necessary because?

The cells in your body need oxygen to live. The oxygen you breathe into your lungs gets put into your blood. Your heart then pumps the blood carrying the oxygen to all the cells in your body.

Why breathing is necessary?

because many of your cells need oxygen to start chemical reaction processes such as mitosis and meiosis.. You need to live.

How does breathing improve during exercise?

How Breathing Exercises Help the Lungs . There are many benefits to breathing exercises. These types of exercises help to get more air into the lungs and to improve lung capacity. This leads to more oxygen entering the body where it is needed to keep the various functions running efficiently. The (MORE)

How long can a new born baby hold its breathe under water?

CORRECTION TO PREVIOUS ANSWER A baby CAN hold its breath under water, but only up to a certain point. It's called mammalian diving reflex. New born babies have this reflex, and will hold their breath and open their eyes under water - though I admit I do not know for what length of time. There are (MORE)

Does holding your breath under water improve your stamina?

Just speaking from personal experience, yes. I heard about this from a friend, so I decided to try it. After only a few weeks and a lot of practice, I've been able to work up to over a few minutes underwater without taking a breath, and noticed that it has definitely improved my stamina when working (MORE)

What is the breathing machine for asthma attacks?

You can use either: A nebulizer. You put anti inflammatory medicine or other medicine to help stop difficulty breathing into a plastic chamber, you put the mask to your mouth ( comes in a mouth tube or a strap where it cover your mouth) and breath it in to reduce swelling and inflammation. (MORE)

What is a treatment for bad breath?

Bad breath originates in the mouth. There are several things that may be done to prevent or eliminate bad breath. See a dentist twice each year to be sure the teeth and gums are in good condition. Floss the teeth daily. Scrape or brush the tongue and brush the teeth thoroughly with a soft tooth (MORE)

Does Charles krauthammer breathe with a ventilator?

I can not answer this from personal knowledge but I believe the answer is "no". He is paralyzed at a level that reduces some of the natural muscle strength to raise the ribs and expand the chest space to breath normally. So what you see is the compensation by other muscles to inflate the chest to ma (MORE)

I am getting these stinging feelings in the left part of your chest happens few times a day and makes it hurt to breathe But after 5 seconds it goes away Any suggestions on what this might be?

This could be very serious - go and see your doctor as soon as possible . But it might be nothing. Dangerous things would include acute angina (which could lead to a heart attack), a pulmonary embolism (blood clot moving from leg to lung), pneumothorax (collapsed lung), and a few other things. (MORE)

You drank twelve beers tonight and just found out you have a breath test at 11 30 the next day are you ok?

Depends on when you stopped drinking. Breathalyzers test alcohol fumes in the stomach and mouth & then use an algorithm to compute that into a BAC. To be sure eat lots of bread and red hots candy. Anything you can think of that will absorb the liquid should do you right. Also, don't use Listerine or (MORE)

Why is your 5 day old rabbit breathing fast?

Why are you messing with 5 day old bunnies. They should be left alone as much as possible until their eyes open- 10 days. They will breathe fast while they are sleeping AND when they are stressed. Leave them alone!!!!!

How do you improve the smell of your breath?

Jeezzz.... Only in america... You eat mints. or chew gum And if you want to share the gum with her, But don't ask her if she would like some. Before you eat it, Because she will think that her breath stinks

How do babies know how to breathe when they're born?

Babies don't have to know how to breathe -- it's allpre-programmed. When the carbon dioxide level in the blood gets toa critical level (remember the baby has been cut off from hismother's input), the brain will set several things in motion,ultimately resulting in the baby breathing air and exchangin (MORE)

Why can babies breathe in water when there in the moms tummy but when they are born you cant breathe in water?

The unborn child does not breathe in their mother's womb. Instead they get oxygen dissolved in the blood supply from their mother through the umbilical cord (a sort of pipe which connects to the baby's tummy). After the baby is born it can breathe for itself and the cord is not needed anymore and (MORE)

Why do I have tightness in my chest on the right side just under the breast when i take a deep breath?

Usually, in a young healthy person, it is just muscles and other soft tissues being sore. It could be many other things such as asthma, heart or lung diseases, or blood clots. If there is severe or worsening pain or shortness of breath or other symptoms such as dizziness, palpitations or leg swelli (MORE)

What treatment is there for asphyxia?

Asphyxia is the inability to breath. This usually results in suffocation. Treatments for asphyxia would include removing a foreign body from the airway, CPR, expired air rescuscitation, and emergency rescuscitation.

How do you breathe under water when you are first born?

You don't. Humans, of any age, can't breathe underwater w/o the aid ofmachines. But babies have two things going for them. First it's somethingcalled the dive reflex that'll have them hold their breath. Secondly, if they're actually born under water, they won't need tobreathe as long as the umbilic (MORE)

Can you breathe under water when you have just been born?

You can't. Humans, of any age, can't breathe underwater w/o the aid ofmachines. But babies have two things going for them. First it's somethingcalled the dive reflex that'll have them hold their breath. Secondly, if they're actually born under water, they won't need tobreathe as long as the umbilic (MORE)

What is the name of the breathing machine?

One name for a breathing machine is a ventilator. Old timeybreathing machines were called "iron lungs." Some people considerCPAP machines and nebulizers breathing machines, but they do notbreathe for you.