Just born baby suspect with asphyxia due to improper breathing and admitted in NI CU under machine ventilation from last 5 days but no improvement found in breathing- Pls suggest necessary treatment?

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Can babies breathe under water?

That depends on what kind of baby you are talking about. Baby fish can certainly breathe under water. Baby mammals cant breathe under water.well it depends that's what i learn

Can babys breath under water?

No. No. Absolutely not! If you put a baby under water they will drown. Only a child that can hold their breath and has been trained to swim either by parents, other adult, or

I am from Australia and i was just wondering which pregnancy test you will suggest to take My period is due in 5 days is their any test i can have before i am due?

I am not sure if they have this brand of pregnancy tests in Australia, but in America. According to the ClearBlue pregnancy test accuracy results they are:. 4 days before ex

Why breathing is necessary?

because many of your cells need oxygen to start chemical reaction processes such as mitosis and meiosis.. You need to live.

How long can a new born baby hold its breathe under water?

CORRECTION TO PREVIOUS ANSWER A baby CAN hold its breath under water, but only up to a certain point. It's called mammalian diving reflex. New born babies have this reflex,

Does holding your breath under water improve your stamina?

Just speaking from personal experience, yes. I heard about this from a friend, so I decided to try it. After only a few weeks and a lot of practice, I've been able to work up

Does Charles krauthammer breathe with a ventilator?

I can not answer this from personal knowledge but I believe the answer is "no". He is paralyzed at a level that reduces some of the natural muscle strength to raise the ribs a