You are 43 yrs old you want to do MBA in havard univ in 2009 or 2010 will you too old for the batch or can you get admission to havard MBA?

Harvard gets about 10 times the number of qualified applicants that it can admit, so chances of getting in are not good. But there are many excellent MBA programs in hundreds (MORE)
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Is unilorin's admission list out?

yes it is, it was pasted online just about 7 hours ago and it but was removed . I think they are trying to modify it.Please check there is a copy of it there.

From where you will be getting the admission forms for 2009?

Hi Students from all over INDIA can take a breath of relief. '' is going to be launched in Aug 2nd Week of 2009. It is India's first and only portal for online (MORE)

What is the list of PS3 that are comin out for 2009 and 2010?

The related link is a list of games for the PS3 and includes many that have not been released, These include newly released games for the 2009/2010 dates. The list also serves (MORE)

I am placed in the extended merit list of iit jee 2009' please let you know the list of institutions taking admission to btech through this extended merit list?

There is possible admission in IISc and IISER institutes.. IISc / Jawaharlal Inst of Adv Studies / IIIt Bangalore ( Triple IT Bangalore - pronounced ).. There are other priv (MORE)

When will the announcement be given for 2010 admission?

That depends greatly on the specific school. Some Universities in the US have already sent out acceptance letters. Most now have a rolling admissions policy where they send (MORE)