Landlord shopping centre.The lease states the tenant is liable for charges for property management that the landlord incurs.Landlord appoints family company to manage.Tenant still liable?

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Can a former landlord charge the tenants to change the locks on the property?

No, a former landlord can't charge the tenants to change the lockson the property. All sorts of situations can happen betweenlandlords and tenants when it comes to changing lo

Is a tenant liable for property damage if the landlord left an item in this case a bed frame on the property which the tenant started to use without permission and then broke?

Any item that was present at the time of rental or lease signing, if damaged, is to be repaired to the best ability of the tenant, or if repair is not possible, then the landl

Is a tenant liable for rent if baggered by landlord?

Your question is not clear, is the landlord baggering you for therent or is it in regards to something else? Is the rent late? Yourrent is due every month (or week), regardles

Can a landlord pass on property taxes to the tenants as a CAM charge?

What is to be included, and how it is to be calculated (especially where an allocation between a bill covering more than one tennant), should be part of the CAM agreement. (If

Is the landlord liable if your ceiling falls off?

It depends on why it fell off. . If it was due to old age, a leaking roof or faulty workmanship, the landlord fixes it. . If it fell down because of something that you, your

If a landlord loses the rent is renter still liable?

Are you saying that you paid the rent and then the landlord lost the payment?. You would have to determine at which point the rent was lost. For instance, if the check never

What does landlord do when tenant breaks lease?

A lease is a contract and if any clause in the contract is broken then either of the party can nullify it .The landlord in terms of the lease contract must sent one month noti

Can a landlord be held liable if they rent to a felon?

To my knowledge, there is no law in place that states you cannot rent to felons. A landlord can rent to whomever they please, as long as its not discrimination. I dont think h

Can a landlord charge a management fee with a triple net lease?

Depending on the pass-through sections of your lease, the landlordmay be able to charge you a management fee. Each lease isindividual. If you'd like more information about you