Who said let sleeping dogs lie?

The roots for the phrase 'let sleeping dogs lie' comes from theBook of Proverbs in the Christian Bible, chapter 26, verse 17. In1374, Geoffrey Chaucer used a similar phrase in (MORE)

What is the phrase 'Let sleeping dogs-'?

The phrase is "let sleeping dogs lie." It is the same as "if it isn't broken, don't fix it." These mean something to the effect of if something is serving its purpose, don't c (MORE)

What is the meaning of let sleep dog lay?

This refers to the fact that if you startle a dog out of sleep than you are more likely to get bit. When is meant by the phrase is that everything is fine the way it is. Do no (MORE)

Origin of the phrase let sleeping dogs lie?

Probably from a Latin proverb, 'Quieta non movere' meaning 'do not move settled things'. Also there is a quotation from the Book of Proverbs 'He that passes by and meddles w (MORE)

What Let sleeping dog lie?

"Let sleeping dogs lie" is another way to say "Leave things as they are". In other words, as long as there's no trouble being caused, don't change things.