List at least three characteristics of naturalism in American literature using examples from the works of Stephen Crane and Jack London?

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List three characteristics of harappan culture?

One characteristic of the Harappan culture was that it lasted from2500 BC until 1500 BC. Another was that the roadways were highlyplanned out. And a third characteristic is that the culture wasbuilt up upon agriculture.

List at least three kinds of repetition Emily Dickinson used and give an example of each from one of the four Dickinson poems?

-speaker's mood.. The three examples of repetition Emily Dickinson used were . 1. Assonance (vowel sounds) 2. Consonane (final consonant sounds) 3. Alliteration (intitial consonant sounds). The examples of each from her poems are. 1. The first two lines of "I'm Nobody" use the device of ass (MORE)

What are some examples of tone used in literature?

Tone refers to the emotion or mind-set or relationship conveyed by the narrator to the reader. eg. Come and listen to my story about a man named Jed. A poor mountaineer barely kept his family fed...... You can Call me Ishmeal.... Alright, I'm tell you my dream, but don't be FRightened.....

What are the 5 characteristics of useful information and give at least example of each characteristics?

The first characteristic is Relevance. The information that a person uses must be relevant to the current problem at hand. If the information is not relevant it would not help to solve the problem at all.. The 2nd characteristic is Complete. The information must be complete. If the information is n (MORE)

List examples of natural polymers?

cellulose Starch (amylose and amylopectin) proteins silk, spider webs are also poly-peptides (proteins) and are natural polymers polyhydroxyalkanoates (natural polyesters made by bacteria as food reserves) deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) Natural Rubber Many polysacharides: Xanthan gum, B-Glu (MORE)

Three examples of irony in literature?

the only three examples (well main examples) are:. situational irony. dramatic irony. and verbal irony. i learned these in 6th grade.. hope it helped!!.

List three examples of how insulators are used?

rubber or plasic is used as an electical insulator to cover wires to prevent against elecric shock. Gloves are used over hands as a thermal insulator to prevent burns while holding hot objects. insulated footwear are used when working in an enviorment dealing with many exposed live wires.

List three characteristics of cladistic analysis?

Cladistic analysis is a technique used in taxonomy wherebybiological organisms are classified based on sharedcharacteristics. Cladistics uses a tree shaped diagram to showrelationships between organisms. Each set of data is based on aparticular analysis method such as genetic, morphological orbehavi (MORE)

What are the characteristics of the modern period in American literature?

The Modern Period 1. The Modern Period in American Literature begins in 1914 with the outbreak of World War I and ends in 1945 with the conclusion of World War II. 2. The Modern Period is noted for works characterized by a transnational focus, formal or stylistic unconventionality, (MORE)

List three characteristics of the Japanese bureaucracy?

I've got 2 for sure, but the 3rd one I'm not quite sure about. 1. Developed under the imperial oligarchy. 2. Top members of the bureaucracy are technocrats--experts in technical and administrative affairs. 3. Jobs in the bureaucracy do not pay as well as many private sector jobs do, and most of the (MORE)

What are charateristics of naturalism in American literature?

While Romanticism often benefits from symbolic traits andfigurative language, naturalism uses realistic description todescribe the current social condition and the realities of everydaylife. This movement was prevalent from the 1880's to 1940's.

Describe how the law of supply and demand works Use at least one example in your answer?

If the demand for a commodity increases, but the supply does not increase equally, the price will decreaase. If the supply of a commodity increases, but the demand for that commodity does not increase equally, the price will increase. If the demand for a commodity decreases, but the supply does not (MORE)

List three characteristics of the house of commons?

The House of Commons is similar to the US's Congress. There are 142women in the house of commons, which is 22 percent of the house.There are 26 minority members, and the average age of members is 50years.

Explain why haiku became popular. Use at least three examples?

Haiku is a form of poetry of Japanese origin. If I understand the question correctly, I can say the main reasons for its popularity in the Western World is its brevity, the flexibility of the form we have allowed ourselves to use and the resulting ease of composition which the form as practiced outs (MORE)

List three characteristics good sample?

Ideally, representative samples should be: Taken at random so that every member of the population of data has an equal chance of selection; Large enough to give sufficient precision; Unbiased by the sampling procedure or equipment.

Why does Jack London use Siwash words?

Depends upon what you mean by "Siwash". Some assume the termidentifies a specific group or tribe of Native Americans, but thatis mistaken. The word itself was originally Chinook jargon (tradinglanguage) for Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest, derivedfrom the French sauvage (or "savage"). Th (MORE)

How did Jack London contribute to literature?

Snarky answer: by writing a number of books, short stories and essays. Incisive answer: Jack London was one of the leading proponents of a style of writing called naturalism, in which nature itself (human nature, at times) is sort of a character in the story. Nature is portrayed as neither kind nor (MORE)