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List at least three characteristics of naturalism in American literature using examples from the works of Stephen Crane and Jack London?

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List at least three kinds of repetition Emily Dickinson used and give an example of each from one of the four Dickinson poems?

-speaker's mood.   The three examples of repetition Emily Dickinson used were   1. Assonance (vowel sounds) 2. Consonane (final consonant sounds) 3. Alliteration (

Three examples of irony in literature?

  the only three examples (well main examples) are:     situational irony     dramatic irony     and verbal irony     i learned these in 6th gr

What are charateristics of naturalism in American literature?

While Romanticism often benefits from symbolic traits and  figurative language, naturalism uses realistic description to  describe the current social condition and the reali

How did Jack London contribute to literature?

Snarky answer: by writing a number of books, short stories and essays. Incisive answer: Jack London was one of the leading proponents of a style of writing called naturalism,