Looking for pet insurance for working dogs?

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Why shouldn't you pet or distract a service dog while it is working?

Look but don't Touch . If you talk to or pet a working dog it will distract them. They've got enough work to do without worrying about avoiding the hands of well meaning st

What is the best overall pet insurance for a dog?

You are going to have to do some research on Pet Insurance and compare the companies to each other. I can only speak from experience but when I was doing research I went on th

Does Geico insurance have pet insurance?

No, only progressive does, you also must buy collision in order to get this protection. Please keep in mind that the same deductible will apply for both the dog and the vehicl

What should i buy Cat or Dog i am looking for pet are cats friendlyor dogs are friendly?

Well, you should decide. If you want an pet that is calm, friendly and fits right into the house then a cat is preferred. But if you would like an playful, energetic pet that

Do you need pet health insurance for your dog?

Traditionally pet insurance has been unreliable and not very useful. In the last few years it has become a better option, but it is still not a great deal for many people. You

Can someone buy health insurance for their dog or pet?

"Yes, there are many different insurance companies that provide health insurance for pets. They are pet specific. Purina offers a pet insurance for around $30 per month. If yo

Do you have have pet insurance for a dog?

You don't have to but if you care about your pet and is not rich I strongly suggest you get one. They can get hit by a car, swallow something they can't get throw up and need

How would you look after your pet dog?

With due care and consideration. Pet care is a huge subject, it is beyond the scope of this website to detail all the intricacies of caring for a dog.

Where can one purchase pet insurance for dogs?

One could ask for referrals from veterinarians, kennel clubs, and the local humane society. Family and friends could possible make recommendations. Also searching the intern