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How do you tighten deck belt on a mtd 605 lawn tractor?

Make sure the lawn tractor has the parking brake engaged. Pull the  spark plug wire to prevent it from accidentally starting. Unscrew  the engine drive belt keeper rod and s (MORE)

Craftsman model 917270840 deck belt how to install?

This mower has a 42" deck, two blades, one belt (#144200). To install belt, bear in mind the idler pulleys are flat sided which means the flat side of the belt contacts these (MORE)

How do you install deck belt on 46inch huskee lawn mower?

  Remove the deck. First by pulling the pins that attach the lift brackets, and then remove the rear spring, and the 2 belt guides under the engine for the belt that drive (MORE)

What is the diagram for the drive belt on a John Deere Lt 150 lawn tractor?

Have you pulled the old belt off ? !st drop the deck and move it out of the way. Next make sure you have the right drive belt Next you will need to have sockets and a wrench t (MORE)