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What temperature is equal to 5c?

C: 273K When you are finding the value of temperature  Celsius in Kelvin, add 278k to the Celsius temperature to obtain  the value of Kelvin.
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Is the problem y equals 3x a direct variation if so what is the constant of variation?

y=3x is a direct variation in that y varies directly with x by a factor of 3. Any linear equation (a polynomial of degree 1, which is a polynomial equation with a highest expo (MORE)
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What two numbers equal 125?

Use a calculator, and guess 2 numbers to see if it equals 125, if  that doesn't work, use a sheet of paper, write down a math problem.  For example: write 2 numbers and put (MORE)
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What is 5c plus 15 equals 30?

5c + 15= 30   - 15 -15    5c = 15     If your solving for just c.....    5c/5 = 30/5    c= 3   Hope this helps   adding further your (MORE)

How do you make a word problems for 2x plus 3 equals 17?

Figure out exactly what the equation means. 2x is the mathematical representation of "two times some unknown value" 2x + 3 = 17 means that "if you add 'two times some unkn (MORE)
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What is the solutions for this problem 3x plus y equals 7 x equals 2y?

So we have a statement that 3x + y = 7x = 2y. Can we find some values for x and y that will satisfy the statement? Suppose the statement is true, then we have 3x + y = 7x, (MORE)