Monetization policy of the federal government of nigeria?

Whats the problem of monetization in Nigeria?

Nigeria has adopted a new monetization policy that will help to improve the countries development, economy and future planning. They hope that this monetization will help impr (MORE)

How does weak party discipline make it difficult for federal government to enact public policy?

Weak Party Discipline makes it difficult to enact public policy because of individuals' inability to follow the party policies. Traditionally party members set an agenda in a (MORE)
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Federal Government Security Clearance Overview

A security clearance is used by employers and government agencies to confirm the trustworthiness and reliability of an applicant to a certain job before granting access to inf (MORE)

Economic Facts Relating to Debt Monetization

Debt monetization is a way of financing debts accumulated by a government by that same government or by the independent central bank of the country. As a result of these debts (MORE)
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Fast Facts About Abuja, Nigeria

As one of the largest nations on the planet, Nigeria is home to a number of interesting sites. The capital of the nation is Abuja, and it reflects the large amount of diversit (MORE)

Monet's "Bridge over a Pool of Water Lilies"

Claude Monet is considered the founder of the French impressionist movement. He created a number of famous paintings, however he is most well known for his landscapes. One of (MORE)

How have interdependency and the federal governments superior taxing power contributed to a larger policy role for the national government?

Interdependence and federal government's superior taxing powers have increased role for the national government at the state level. Most of the programs at state level now dep (MORE)
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What are the problem of nigeria federalism?

One of the problem facing the Nigerian Federalism is the complexity  of the interest and units as represented by the local government,  ethnic group affiliations, and some s (MORE)