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Short stories with moral lesson?

Aesop's Fables are classic short stories with meaningful, moral  lessons. You can find copies at your local library. Some fables are  even available for free online.

What is the moral lesson of the story avatar?

The moral to the story is you might do something that is temporary, but might end up liking it in the end. Getting in the machine to become an avatar was temporary for Jake. H

What is the moral lesson of the gingerbread man story?

The spiritual lesson is that we can run from alot of things...but  sooner or later we will get caught. Sometimes we have a gingerbread  man mentality thinking that we are to

What moral lesson of the story in the moth?

The moth has irrational instinct to a flame and often it burnt/perishes in its attempt.The moral to such story is that irrational/emotional actions have dangerous/risky/fatal

What is the moral lesson of the legend of coconut tree?

The Legend of the Coconut Tree is Philippine and it tells the story  of the first coconut tree and its fruit.

The moral lesson of the story?

Teaching or exhibiting goodness or correctness of character and behavior MORAL LESSON