Motive of the filipino American collaboration?

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Your first fiction novel, A Discovery of Witches, made the #2 spot the 2011 New York Times Best Seller List. What did that feel like?

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Who was the first filipino American in Hollywood?

  TIA CARRERE Carrere was born Althea Rae Duhinio Janairo in,, the daughter of Audrey Du (MORE)

Why did the Filipino-American war erupt?

  The US had WON the Philippines from Spain, during the Spanish-American War of 1898. When US forces established themselves in the Philippines, the national population rev (MORE)
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How did the Filipino-american war begin?

Skip to the last paragraph if you want an extremely quick answer but read the whole entire thing if you want an in depth answer. Philippine rebel forces lead by Emilio Aguinal (MORE)

How did the Filipino-american war start?

The Fil-Am war started when the Treaty of Paris was signed by the United States for this was the start of American colonization and many Filipino was against this.. and this (MORE)

What are the influences of the Americans to Filipinos?

Influences of Americans to the Filipinos: 1. introduced public schools 2. taught the English language 3. taught democracy- the right to vote 4. Protestant religion 5. sports l (MORE)

What are American influences to the Filipinos?

American Influences to the Filipinos: 1. introduced public schools 2. English language 3. democracy- the right to vote 4. Protestant religion 5. basketball, volleyball, tennis (MORE)

What was the motive for the American revolution?

Freedom from Britain!! It started because the British and colonists were both on some green and the British were like "get off our green!!" and the colonists claimed it wasn't (MORE)