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What is 3G in iPhone 3G?

  3G is the service for things like the internet... just like in the old iphone there is Edge.
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Is the iPhone 3g?

Yes, all currently sold iPhones can receive internet from AT&T's 3G wireless internet in America and other carriers' 3G internet in other countries.

How is iPhone 3g?

Original answer by Markbarner   Edited by Arianna Lovendino    3G mobile internet is faster. GPS functions are a little bit more  precise. Sounds are louder. I wou (MORE)

What is a iPhone 3g?

      It is a Apple Type of Phone.You can also listen to music and others!
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Can you get an iPhone with out 3G?

    Yes. It's called iPhone first generation or simply iPhone. However it's not available new or with a warranty. The only ones available are used on sites like ebay.c (MORE)

How do you enable 3G on your iPhone 3G?

If you aren't getting any internet access whatsoever, then you should make sure the iPhone has been activated with AT&T. If you are only getting a connection through "Edge" ( (MORE)

How can you distinguish iPhone 3g from iPhone 3gs?

Well,you can't really distinguish them by just looking at them.But iPhone 3gs has a compass app,unlike the iphone 3g. And you can also see how much faster the iphone 3gs can l (MORE)