My boyfriend and i are in a long distance relationship for the past week i have been feeling sick after he leaves a facetime call or even if we are talking through text I miss him so much it hurts?

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been there done that, my bf is 9 hrs away with family and I get depressed when he is gone. it will be ok. stay strong, and roleplaying helps me. pretend hes there when you get sad, pretend hes cheering u up with his up lifting jokes. yeah it seems like ur going crazy but we all do it, it will be ok
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Why do you feel so much guilt for leaving an abusive relationship?

Because were unable to change the situation you feel like a failure, when it wasn't your fault. Answer Because he did a good job making you feel guilty in the relationship

What does it mean when in a long distance relationship your ex calls after a few months and tells you that she still has feelings for you but has a boyfriend and stops talking after you find out?

Well from what it sounds like i would say you don't have much of a long distance relationship...its hard when someone lives far away but to make it work you BOTH have to try..

Why does a girl always have to talk to her ex and put me on hold I am on a long distance relationship with her and spend lots of money and time calling her What do I do I feel lost?

If she wants to talk to you let her call you because that is not proper what she is doing - if you are dating her long distant or not she should not still be conversing with h

Your boyfriend will not talk about his past relationships?

If he's not talking, perhaps he is hiding something from you. Or it could be that he is still getting over his last relationship. If you think the latter is the case, don't pr