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Is it safe to shove things deep in your butt?

Is it safe, depends on what it is. Should you, well arousal can be reached in many different ways, so that's up to you. You just be sure that it is something you can get back (MORE)

Is it bad to shove thing up your urethra?

The most common problem with this is going to be bladder infection, or, in the case of tubing, retrieving it. This kind of procedure is called sounding, and in some men it is (MORE)
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Weird things people shove up their butt?

cell phones dead fish curling iron a vibrator and salad tongs peanut butter jar live ammo a kangaroo tumor a salami a baseball reading glasses a frozen pig (MORE)
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What do you call a thing to put things in?

Usually, what you would call a thing to but other things in is a container. It contains the items you wish to put in to, so they will not escape and run wild through your home (MORE)