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What are the reasons for and against the genetic engineering of humans?

Advantages: 1. As the cell types and blood types are of the same genetic material (cloning), there can be organs or tissues grown to replace the malfunctioning or broken down organs of the real person with little chance of rejection from his body due to being from his original cells, thus transplantation operations are more successful. 2. Severe wounds or infections can be treated more easily, instead of having to destroy the cancer cells, the whole organ or tissue can be replaced. Disadvantages: 1. we won't question if CAN we do it ,but if we SHOULD do it. The newly created life that has just been created only to be killed so that the other person can receive its organs or tissues doesn't seem fair to that newly created life and thus arouses the problems of human rights. 2. There may be a psychological effect on the person who requires organs as he/she may feel guilty for just having a cell to be grown and then killed just for his/her needs and thus may affect their daily lives. For more information visit the Related Link.

Negative effects that humans have on an ecosystem?

i am not that sure but i think like airplanes, helicopters, cars , speed boats, things like that but i m not 100 % sure so don't re lie on my answer

What will be the consequences of genetic engineering in humans?

if not done right babys can be born with defects. or new desises can be produced

What are the advantages of genetic engineering human insulin?

limitless amounts can be synthesised at a low cost-however if specific types are needed the cost will increase . can by designed to combat specific problems

What is the harmful effect of genetic engineering?

Genetic engineering cannot be called yet an exact science, malformation and mutations inadequate to sustain normal life can be created.

What are the negative effects of biotechnology on society?

There are few to no negative effects of biotechnology on society.Apart from a few very early trials of true genetic engineering thatwere likely not even caused by the biotechnology, there have beenpractically no harm whatsoever from biotechnology on people.

Is it possible to genetically engineer a dinosaur If yes what would be its adverse effects on the human race?

currently, no. DNA breaks down after 40,000 to 50,000 years. the most recent dinosar died 65,000,000 years ago. it may be possible to retro-engineer a dinosaur using bird DNA but no pure-blooded dinosaur can be made yet. the only adverse affects would come if the dinosaur is meat eatting and ecaped into civilization. Their is the posssiblity that a virus will arise from the retro-dino and was pasted to humans.

What are the disadvantages of human genetic engineering?

As with all genetic engineering, the major concern is theunpredictability of long-term consequences. The technologies available for genetic engineering are not yetdeveloped enough to modify DNA of a living organism specificallyand reliably. Usually, some genetic changes are introducedunintentionally and these can cause severe problems for theorganism. Let us assume the technology was perfected and human DNA could bereliably altered for living human beings. There are still two majorproblems: First, genetically engineered changes are always set for the entirelifetime of an organism. The changes are introduced just after anegg is fertilised, so that all cells resulting from the egg's celldivision will also carry the modifications. Once the egg hasdivided, genetic modification becomes much more difficult or evenimpossible. This means that any unexpected consequences of amodification cannot be corrected and the organism then has to livewith those consequences. The second problem is the concern of what would be done with thistechnology. The intentions behind its develoment are almost alwaysto improve medicine for treating genetic diseases, but the abilityto modify DNA could be abused for unethical purposes once it isavailable.

What are negative effects of Utilitarianism on society?

Big problem with the ideal of complete equality is it ignores the cost of making income transfers. Recognizing the cost of making income transfers leads to what it is called the big trade-off, which is a trade-off between efficiency and equality. However, utilitarianism itself strives to achieve the greatest happiness for the greatest number. Cordially.

What effects can genetic engineering have on livestock?

injecting growth hormones, genetically engineered in bacteria, it goes into dairy cows, it also increases their milk production.

What effects do genetically engineered crops have on wildlife?

Genetically modified (GM) crops are often engineered so they are resistant to herbicides. This allows the farmer to spray the whole crop with strong herbicides and the GM crops are not affected. It also means that all the flowering broad-leaved weeds that used to grow among the crops are killed. Wild life in the form of birds, bees, butterflies and insects used to come to these weeds and eat the seeds and sup the nectar and eat the leaves. Now they can't. Some species of farmland birds of Western Europe are now only 10% of their numbers 30 years ago, and some have abandoned the farmlands altogether. Populations of bees and butterflies are also much lower in the GM fields.

Do video games have a negative effect on society?

Definitely, this is true because viedo games affect society by negatively influencing children or young adults into gang relations violence and innapropriate language

How is genetic engineering useful to humans?

We can improve our foods using genetic manipulation. long life tomatoes for example are a product of genetic engineering. We can also identify, and isolate unwanted genes in order to try and eliminate them from a species, or we can isolate genes responsible for positive traits and try to promote them in a species.

What is the useful effect of genetic engineering?

genetic engineering is very useful in our life because through this study we would come to know about the basic thing of our body . engineering means to construct something so in genetic engineering we will come to know about the construction of DNA. to say it is the most interesting topic

What are the disadvantages of genetic engineering on humans?

Well, it's an ethics question really. There are no real physical disadvantages. (Unless you engineer everyone to be the same, then we can't evolve and become dependant on cloning and genetic engineering to be able to breed and stay one step ahead of viruses) There are alot of people can make clones without heads so they couldn't breathe, people can make them smater, more athletic, and sexier than normal people. Everyone will soon be the same and there will be no job oppertunites because anyone will be just like everyone else. Some scientists even think that the clones will age quicker too. Plus Genetic Engineering is against God's will, it's unnantural, and it crosses the species barrier.

Do you feel we should genetically engineer humans?

That would depend on the goal and means used to achieve it. One could screen for disease markers and that would be hygienic andtherapeutic. To seek to enhance the physical and mental capabilities is moreproblematic. This has been discussed by Michael Sandel, Lee Silver, GregoryStock, and Francis Fukuyama with varying conclusions.

When did genetic engineering of humans begin?

The discovery that signalled towards the birth of genetic engineering was DNA cloning. Stanley Cohen and Herbert Boyer discovered this in 1973. Herbert and Stanley invented genetic Engineering as well. They discovered this in April 1997. However its said that farmers and breeders has been doing it for thousands of years, genetically engineering with humans was discovered in 1997.

What negative effects do humans have on Coelacanth?

There are only two species of this fish surviving, the West Indian Ocean Coelacanth and the Indonesian Coelacanth. (It was thought to have been extinct for 65 million years.) Both species are endangered. Losses occur when they are caught accidentally (they are not good eating) but specimens now are no longer thrown back, but are kept to be sold to scientists and museums!

How have genetic engineers increased the effectiveness of tnf?

Genetic engineers developed a way to add the gene encoding TNF to a kind of white blood cell that is effective at locating cancer cells but not effective at harming them.

How is genetic engineering used in society?

Nowadays, GM food (Genetically Modified) is in practically everything. No it does not harm humans, animals or our ecosystem. it is helping it along by exterminating heretical diseases found in plants (IE: a bitter fruit) and eliminates weak or the runt plants to stop them from reproducing.

What are the positive and negative effects of internet on society?

A positive would be the ability to connect with people all over the world and brings everyone closer to each other e.g. facebook. A negative would be all the inapropriote websites and with all the children that have access to them. And people can hack your computer and get credit numbers. to me that's a big one.

What are the benefit to humans brought about by genetic engineering?

The ability to defy gravity is one ability that has not been brought about by genetic engineering. There are many others. Free chocolate for everyone is another. interferon

Can human genetic engineering be done on adults?

In theory it could. A virus goes into a cell an replaces its DNA to make that cell produce more virus. So in theory we could make a viral infection that would go into the cells and change the DNA, it would be very completed though.

What were the most significant positive and negative effects of the agricultural transition on human society?

Positive, extra food and more complex structures through society, Negative, hard labor, long hour, low wages.

Does Hollywood have a negative effect on society?

Hollywood can be said to have a negative affect on society due tothe prevalence of sex and violence. Children and adults imitatewhat they see in the movies and act it out in real life.

Is human genetic engineering a blessing or a curse?

Science is always neutral; it is what people use it for, that is the blessing or curse.

Do genetically modified foods effect humans?

Yes, they do. The trouble is, no one knows how much, how fast, or how bad the effects are exactly, and the people pushing for more use of such foods are aggressively opposed to doing any research that might show any negative results because they would lose money.

Is genetic engineering in humans good?

Yes Answer YES. Think about it, we could eliminate genes that code for inheritable diseases and mental diseases. I know and have seen many mentally ill people and people with genetic diseases and it breaks my heart. The pain they have to go could all be eliminated before birth by fixing the genes.

Negative effect of biotechnology to your society?

It affects our biodiversity and make our society miserable.Even though it makes our country or life comfortable it is still have bad effects.

What are the negative effects of human trafficking?

physical and emotional abuse. a whole life is destroyed and messed up entirely. no hope, just doing what you have been told. destruction on hope.

What is the negative effect of religion in society?

The main negativity from religion is not from the religion itself. It is from wayward followers who believe that their way is the only way, and that they are justified by their belief to violate the rights and freedoms of others. This may be cutting off hands to punish minor crimes, or bombing abortion clinics to 'protect' the unborn. In neither case is it the fault of the religion, but of aberrant followers.

What are the side effects from genetic engineering?

I speculate homo sapien's extinction... civil unrest... a granddivide, between humans and homo superior or superhumans but theseare possiblity, in a very pessimistic sense maybe even slightlyprobable... I'll paraphase Stephen Hawking "It will take sometimefor the human race to mature after genetic engineering will bereshaping our world..etc"

What are the negative effects of cultural diversity on society?

1.When lot of cultures get mixed then there is ofcourse risk of vanishing your culture. 2.Where there is manifestation of lot of cultures then there may happen ambiguity of right and wrong. 3.Where there is manifestation of lot of cultures at a specific place then one may inspire with other culture, and with the passage of time gets so involved in it that make it pursuit and it becomes the part of culture. 4.When there are different cultures at a place then there mixing may happen intentionally or unintentionally and that may give birth to a new culture which may give a positive or negative result to a society.

What negative effects does the Internet have on your society?

Opinions on negative and positive effects of the internet on society differ from person to person. The internet can negatively affect society by reducing the time families spend with each other and other social interactions between people. It also increases the amount of electricity used (as opposed to say, going to the park). Reliance on the internet can also be a double edged sword. Relying only on the internet for communication and research is not the preferred way of learning. The internet also sidetracks many people into procrastination. Though the internet has many negative effects, there are plenty of positive effects as well.

Can human be genetically engineered to have wings?

yes they can but only when you aren't born yet because when you aren't born yet scientists may inject bird DNA into you so that when your born u will have hallow bones and wings just like a bird but your wing span will be huge

What are the negative effects cannabis has on society?

People will be more relaxed and easy-going! Oh no! somebody stop the horrible marijuana! It'll make stomach aches go away and let cancer patients eat! how awful right?!? 2nd Answer: It also dumbs down society. It does destroy brain cells, more than if you were drinking. Proven fact. There are also other and kinder medications that do the same thing as mentioned above in the first answer. I have had cancer and so did my brother. I know of what I talk about.

Does television violence has a negative effect on society?

Let us take the opposite track. Show me anything good about TV violence which even extends to blood-oxygenated Impact coverage of such things as distant forest fires and weather events. you know screamng headlines ( Twenty-six inches of SNOW!) even that is traumatic and distorted. news shoudl be objective not adrenalin coated.

What are negative effects of migration to the society?

Too much immigration can cause stress on public facilities and on the government's ability to take care of all the people. In some cases, it may take jobs away from current citizens. Although on the flip side, many would argue that the jobs immigrants take are jobs Americans wouldn't normally want anyway (janitorial work, etc.)

How can technology have positive and negative effects on society?

Technology can be very powerful and be used as a learning tool, a communication tool, a tool to help others and so much more. But, if technology is used constantly, real world interaction is lessened, and people end up spending more time with technology than with others.

What are the negative effects of artificial intelligence on human society?

it is taking over the human works, like, atms have reduced human works,in d same way in future,more n more human works will be taken over by A.I.

What is the effect that genetically modified foods has on society?

We have genetically modified foods for centuries by selective cross breeding plants. With out this and other modern methods of farming perhaps a billion people now existing on a substance diet would starve to death.

What are the negative effects humans have on the environment?

A human can effect an ecosystem in many ways, such as pollution, or for example cutting down trees in a forest. This question is very general. There are thousands of books on this subject. I will name a few. Carbon emissions effect the atmosphere and correlate with Global warming. Pollution in the waters and land. Fishing to much which affects ocean ecosystems. Killing animals such as the Tiger to near extinction. Destroying rainforests and other environments. The list goes on. dumping pollutants into the ocean Using chemicals on plants and animals *APEX* cutting down all trees in a forest Logging is a way that humans destroy the earth and the future generations. When loggers come and deforest an area it takes away an oxygen source for not just you and me but form millions of other species. Landfills are probably in the top five worst ways we negatively affect the environment because of all the Styrofoam and plastic that takes a very long time to decompose we put in to they Water pollution Wildlife Ozone layer Noise pollution Smoking Building Acid Rain Agriculture They are very junky and wasteful creatures. Pollution in the form of noise, water and air are some things that they've contributed to to affect the ecosystem. Also not bothering to put trash in its proper place and instead letting it go into wildernesses and such harms wildlife and plant life. Building roads, houses, towns and cities in areas where animals used to roam is another factor, as well as the population boom of humans puts pressure on the land and animals so that more houses can be built and food can be grown for an increasing human population. Then there's the exploitation of resources, primarily of non-renewable that requires clearing of the land and digging up the earth to get at them. The list can go on! Humans are so successful as a life form that we have multiplied greatly. At the expense of the environment. . We are inventing new ways of consuming natural resources, some of which are coming towards their limits. . We make lots of trash. . The land and material resources we consume leaves less room for other animals - so some of them die out all together. . We burn fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas), polluting the atmosphere with greenhouse gases. . We cut down the great forests of the world. . We are causing global warming and climate change.

What are negative effects that humans have on barracudas?

well, the negative effect we have on them is not taking care of its home (the ocean) which, will kill the barracudas prey to where the barracuda will have no food and die.:0(

Should genetic engineering be permitted in your society?

For genetic engineering: Genetic engineering can stop diseases like hemophilia or colorblindness that are genetic. It can also remove genes that predispose you to (make you more likely to get) cancer. In agriculture, you can create plants that grow quickly and produce healthy food so that impoverished farmers can grow enough to survive. The claims that genetic engineering is dangerous are unfounded. There has never been a case of any problems from genetic engineering that I can think of. Against genetic engineering: Genetic engineering should not be performed on fetuses or embryos, it should only be performed on animals. It is a violation of human rights and if it is performed on an unborn child then that is also a violation. Genetic engineering can be dangerous, too, because genetically modified organisms might be able to spread to other places and take over the ecology.

What negative effects did humans have on the desert?

well for me it is not an exact answer but in my perspective i honestly think it makes you lazy

How can genetic engineering help in society?

genetic engineering is a way of intentionally going a genetic sequence in DNA so that a particular traits is produced. that what a genetics engineering. but did u know that herb Boyer first transferred DNA from one species to that whats about genetic engineering. Next, i'm going to talk about is that genetcs can haelp spociety is humanbeings living and acting together. .

Is Genetic Engineering humane?

It depends how you take it, it is going through experiments to help human kind, if some one take for doing bad , that doesn't mean that Genetic engineering is bad or something else.

What are the effects of Human Cloning on society?

So far none, as it isn't officially done. Cloning has proven to be very difficult, with something like a 98% failure rate. And then getting a healthy clone with a normal life expectancy has shown to be just as hard. Best guess is that cloning will remain expensive, along the lines of IVF babies, so it's unlikely "ever" to become a big thing. There's not much call for concern, really. With the things we're already doing today, egg donors, sperm donors, surrogate mothers etc, the difference between these babies and a clone isn't as big as some might imagine, and we're dealing with those just fine.

Is genetic engineering new to humans?

Short Answer: Manipulation of genes has been used by humans in farming &agriculture for hundreds of years. Longer Explanation: Genetic engineering in the stictest definition is a fairly newtechnology. It consists of extracting a gene or genes from a plantor animal and inserting it into another plant or animal, orchanging it in some way and inserting it back into the originalplant or animal in order to get a desired trait. The most familiarknown use of the technology is to develop crops that are resistantto herbicides or plants that produce a substance that kils insectswhen the plant is eaten by them, though there are lesser-known usesof genetic engineering. Though some might say that the use of genetic engineering includesthe method of hybridization, hybridization is a totally differentprocess that has been used throughout time. Another difference isthat hybrids cannot be patented in the same way geneticallyengineered plants can.

What are the goals for human genetic engineering?

First and foremost, there is currently no known research anywherein the world with the purpose of growing genetically engineeredhumans. There are discussions about the benefits of suchtechnology, as this would allow us to eradicate geneticallyinherited diseases such as cystic fibrosis and haemophilia.Genetically engineered human embryos could be used for research tounderstand how and why defects occur during development of a babyin the womb. Theoretically, it could allow modifying most biological traits ofthe human body. Some people consider this an advantage, but acrossthe world it is most commonly considered unacceptable and/orundesirable. Genetically engineered human cells (as opposed to entire humans)are already in use to treat severe genetic blood diseases. For thispurpose, haemopoietic stem cells are taken from the patient's bonemarrow. They are then genetically modified to correct the mutationsthat cause the blood disease. Finally, the patient's bone marrow iseradicated and the treated haemopoietic stem cells are injected.These stem cells then restore the bone marrow to a healthy state.Similar technologies are being developed to cure otherorgan-specific genetic defects.