Negative effect of genetic engineering to human society?

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Is it possible to genetically engineer a dinosaur If yes what would be its adverse effects on the human race?

currently, no. DNA breaks down after 40,000 to 50,000 years. the most recent dinosar died 65,000,000 years ago. it may be possible to retro-engineer a dinosaur using bird DNA

What are the disadvantages of human genetic engineering?

As with all genetic engineering, the major concern is theunpredictability of long-term consequences. The technologies available for genetic engineering are not yetdeveloped e

How is genetic engineering useful to humans?

We can improve our foods using genetic manipulation. long life tomatoes for example are a product of genetic engineering. We can also identify, and isolate unwanted genes in o

What is the useful effect of genetic engineering?

genetic engineering is very useful in our life because through this study we would come to know about the basic thing of our body . engineering means to construct something so

How is genetic engineering used in society?

Nowadays, GM food (Genetically Modified) is in practically everything. No it does not harm humans, animals or our ecosystem. it is helping it along by exterminating heretical

What are the side effects from genetic engineering?

I speculate homo sapien's extinction... civil unrest... a granddivide, between humans and homo superior or superhumans but theseare possiblity, in a very pessimistic sense may

Can human be genetically engineered to have wings?

yes they can but only when you aren't born yet because when you aren't born yet scientists may inject bird DNA into you so that when your born u will have hallow bones and win

How can genetic engineering help in society?

genetic engineering is a way of intentionally going a genetic sequence in DNA so that a particular traits is produced. that what a genetics engineering. but did u know that he

Is Genetic Engineering humane?

It depends how you take it, it is going through experiments to help human kind, if some one take for doing bad , that doesn't mean that Genetic engineering is bad or something

Is genetic engineering new to humans?

Short Answer: Manipulation of genes has been used by humans in farming &agriculture for hundreds of years. Longer Explanation: Genetic engineering in the stictest definitio