Nikon l110 or a canon powershot sd 3500 is Like photography starter want good quality pics and dont really care if screen is touch screen or not?

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What is a Touch Screen?

A screen, that when touched in specific places, performs certain tasks. It can be accessible by human finger touch only

Is a 4.0MP canon powershot digital camera very good?

The short answer is "yes.". A few years ago I bought my wife a Canon PowerShot A520, a 4 mp camera with a 4x optical zoom. It still takes excellent photographs.. The newer Canon powershots have optical image stabilization (IS) that minimizes camera shake. I believe IS is even more important than a ( Full Answer )

Is Canon Powershot a650 a good camera?

Yes it is really good digital camera.. I have it and can say that it has wonderful options and great photo quality and i think that its price is too affordable

What is touch screen?

a touch screen can be a phone/ computer that you can touch by your finger and it does it if you know what i mean it is well hard to explain right so it is something that you can touch it it will go automaticly to that place what you touched instead of using buttons

I just bought a Canon Powershot G9 and absolutely have no clue on the fundamentals of photography do you know any good online resources to help me get started?

First, make sure you have access to the user manual on the Canon Powershot G9; I'd start at the Canon web site and go from there. Then make a plan to try every feature out, even if you can't see any immediate use for it. In the digital world, the photographic basics are point and shoot. Do that - ( Full Answer )

Is the ipod touch just like a psp but with a touch screen?

No. It cannot play real games, only small, basic games. Its basically the same thing, except switch the psp games with the original gameboy games. EDIT: It is becoming better than a psp. Games are getting much more sophisticated, and many are just as good as psp games, if not better (considering ( Full Answer )

Is a LG Cookie KP500 a touch screen and good?

the lg cookie is fab i got one and it is gr8 dont listen to wat people say wen dey say dat it is crap cuz dey no nout. it id touch and brill also u must buy it ☺

Why is the touch screen not responding to touch?

reset! ok, first press both the top power/lock button and then the bottom button that has a square hold for 10 seconds then release if still not responding plug it to the computer and restore it

Is a touch screen camera a good camera?

A touch screen camera is good to one that knows how to take care of it and use it properly I guess. This is because the touch screen ones are bit more sensitive compared to the non touch screen. One advantage I see in non-touch screen is that there is no accidental pushing of the button as compared ( Full Answer )

Can you attach a fisheye lens to a Nikon L110?

Yes, you'll need an adapter and then the lens. The adapter on eBay is $24.99... And the actual fisheye adapter is $49.95.... ( Full Answer )

How does a touch screen sense your touch?

I believe there are two ways: One involves heat sensing. One involves electrical currents that are disrupted when someone touches the screen, and the disruption of the electrical currents can be used to determine where the screen was touched.

You like your really good friend and she might like you but you dont want to ruin your friendship by asking her out?

Well think of it like this, if you like her.. then the relationship has already changed. If your feelings are so big that you don't see her in the same way anymore, you should let her know your feelings. Its unfair to the both of you, if you keep your feelings to yourself. You should be able to expr ( Full Answer )

Dos and donts of screening applicants?

Do inform applicants if a third party will be conducting the background check. Don't forget to check with your company's legal counsel before instituting a new hiring practice connected to social media.

Can you replace the 3g touch screen with a 2g touch screen?

i am sorry i dont think you can change them because they are not the same are they but if they have the same thing that you need to replace have a go it is worth a go but touch screens are crap mine only lasted 4 month and the screen broke for nothing when i diddn't do anything and it was working th ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a touch screen and a multi-touch screen?

single touch is the basic touch screen functionality.. you touch the screen and that is like moving around a mouse and a tap like a mouse click. multi-touch is the ability to use more than one finger to do even more things like 2 finger slides to pinch and stretch and other stuff.. the first popular ( Full Answer )

Why do people like touch screens so much?

well in my own opinion it just fells beter and you can do a lot more things with touch screens. for instance i have a iPod touch 32gbs and you can tilt it to the right and a little monke in a ball rolls to the right or playing taptap with just the touch of the screen. also you seem to interact more ( Full Answer )

Is the Canon PowerShot SD780-IS a good camera?

Yes, the Canon PowerShot SD780-IS is a GREAT camera. Canon is one of the most well-known and quality camera brands on the market. They make great cameras. This particular camera is great for pictures and particularly great for taking and uploading videos for youtube, myspace, etc. Hope this helpe ( Full Answer )

Can the screen on a touch screen phone be replaced?

Of course, you can. The after-sale service and the mobile maintain can do it. And you will pay for the replace screen. You can go to special stores or look on the internet. just make sure they replace screens for your phone

How did the touch screen out?

sorry but no one really knows how they came out if i find any info i will put it on to this website k?

Does the canon cameras have good quality?

Canon cameras are an excellent camera company. They have many different formats available, ranging from the digital format to manual cameras. Prices will also range dependent on features. All manufacturers create different types of cameras to address specific photography needs. Canon, like other ( Full Answer )

How do you take pic of screen with htc status?

Hi its the same person that asked this question... Ive took a pic of my screen but by accident i no it has somthing to do with the lock button on top but if anyone figures it out let me no thanks

Do touch screen phones really break easily?

I have one myself and I would say that it is quite fragile. I've dropped mine several times but it never broke. But then, I have several classmates with the same phone and their screens are just shattered ( but they're still working ) So I guess it just depends on your luck.

How do you use computer screen as touch screen?

To use your computer screen as a touch screen, you screen must be touch capable. If your laptop did not come with a touch screen, you will have to buy a new laptop with touch screen capabilities. If your desktop monitor does not have touch-screen capabilites, you must buy a new touch capable mo ( Full Answer )

How is touch screen touch screen?

There is a touch sensitive pad that transmits energy wirelessly to the a4 processor chip.A touchscreen is an electronic visual display that can detect the presence and location of a touch within the display area. The term generally refers to touching the display of the device with a finger or hand. ( Full Answer )

Green Screen photography?

Green Screen Photography is when you snap a photo of someone standing in front of green screen background and your software then automatically takes out all the green in the photo and you insert a different photo as a background behind the subject

Would like to but a touch screen radio in Mercedes Benz?

It is possible depending on what year and model you have. if you have a single din radio then you can replace it with a after-market radio that has a retractable touch screen. If you have a double din radio then it can be replaced with one that has a built in touch screen. You can also go as far as ( Full Answer )

What is a good Nikon lens for portrait photography?

There are many good Nikon lens for portrait photography. However, perhaps the best Nikon lens for this purpose is the Nikkor AF-S 50mm f/1.4G lens. The cost of this lens is approximately $450.00.

Why is touch screen different from ordinary screens?

Because a touch-screen is designed to be interactive. Trying not to get too technical... A touch screen is made up of two electrically charged layers. When you touch the screen, it changes the resistance just at that point. The device translates that change into an action.

How big is the screen on the Canon Elura 100?

The screen size on the Canon Elura 100 is tolerably sized. The screen size of the Canon Elura 100 is 2.7 inches in diagonal. In addition, the screen is an LCD screen.

What are the features of the Canon Powershot SD series?

Face detection, image stabilization, 10.1, 14.1, 10.1, and12.1 mega pixels, and depending on the model of the camera, optical zoom from 3x, 3.7x, 3.8x, 4x, 4.4x, 5x, 8x, and 10x optical zoom.

How do you get the app screen pic on your Galaxy S3?

You can press the power and home keys at the same time to get ascreenshot. Or, if you happen to have Android 4.4 OS installed, youcan press the power and volume down keys at the same time.