What is A soft lump below rib cage on right side?

soft oblong lump under right side rib cage. I have had stomach problems for about 6 weeks now. I just noticed the lump last week and had my doctor look at it. I just had a ct (MORE)

Pain below rib cage on left side?

Back pain under the left rib cage is a dilemma for all patients suffering from it. Any constant pain is viewed by doctors as a very serious disorder or disease and requires im (MORE)

Pain under right side rib cage?

I have that right now. Up until today I had a spasm feeling in that area that has been going on for a few months. My ultrasound was O.K . I am getting refered to a GI Dr. I am (MORE)

Pain on left side below rib cage?

There are many causes of left subcostal pain. It could be muscular pain, pain referred from the chest or spine, gastritis, hiatus hernia or flatulence, and not forgetting of c (MORE)

Sharp pain under right side rib cage?

The ribs have many muscles attached to them called intercostal muscles and perhaps you could have pulled one of those. Or perhaps it's only gas pain. Your gallbladder is also (MORE)