Who is Phil from the Phil and Maurice Show?

Phil Von Dyke's was born in Kenya, in the year of 1969. After discovering why Kenyan kids run so fast the hard way (which will be later explained on the show), he moved to his (MORE)

Where can you find the Phil and Maurice show?

There's quite a few places actually.. Youtube.com/Philandmauriceshow . www.myspace.com/philandmauriceshowofficial . www.piczo.com/phil_and_maurice . Or, you can write them (MORE)

Is the Dr. Phil show repetitive?

By its nature, the Dr. Phil show has to be repetitive. There are only so many topics available to the genre, so the material is shown in varying lights. Essentially, Dr. Phil (MORE)

How do you email the dr Phil show?

hallo dr phil, i am from south africa , and is now living in the usa, my cousins daughter told me something terrible that happened to her 25 years ago, and if i share this wi (MORE)

Has the doctor Phil show been cancelled?

No, it still seems to be on the air in a number of cities. Dr. Phil does his own current syndication; earlier episodes (re-runs) are shown on Oprah Winfrey's OWN Network. I en (MORE)