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Who is Shay Johnson?

Answer   Shay Johnson, a native of Atlanta, Georgia, is most famous for her reality TV debuts on The Flavor of Love 2 and Flavor of Love: Charm School. She has also been (MORE)
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Is Shay Johnson a stripper?

Naw she's not a stripper. She only does nude modeling, and apparently Plies love that. That's an easy way for him to get hard.
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Picture of shay Johnson's son?

Yes, he poses for photobucket. He is so cute!   You can go to: babies; he is the baby on the floor playing with something   or (MORE)

What is up with Shay Johnson?

She is bangin! Plus, she has a baby by a sexy rapper, Plies. I bet a lot of girls don't like her because she dated him.   Anyway, she was born and raised in Atlanta,Ga. Of (MORE)

Did Shay Buckeey Johnson sing with Cherish?

Uh, duh! If you've read the Essence magazine in 2006, it said that she recorded songs with them on their first album "Unappreciated" The only songs that she had a verse in was (MORE)