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Your speakers worked with old computer but you got a new computer and there plugged in but wont work?

There are a few possible causes for this, the two most likely being 1.) They're not plugged in to the correct jack (computer speakers go into the green 3.5mm circular jack), 2 (MORE)

Why is it that when you play your mp3 player in your car the volume is so low and wont go as high as your speakers can put out?

A sound system basically consists of 3 parts; a sound source, an amplifier, and speakers. An amplifier can only amplify the signal so may times. If the strength of the signal (MORE)

When you plug your headphones into your computer it reads it as a speaker and nothing plays out of them?

It likely that you plugged your headphones into the wrong jack. There should be a jack for your headphones on your computer that has the head-phones label on it, not the one w (MORE)