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Can you connect standard speaker wire to headphone jack for example to play a portable MP3 Players' music via standard in house speakers?

Yes, you can, though the volume may not be sufficent.   If you still wish to do it, follow this guide: 1. Using either a spare audio cable or a cable bought from radio shac (MORE)

Your speakers worked with old computer but you got a new computer and there plugged in but wont work?

There are a few possible causes for this, the two most likely being 1.) They're not plugged in to the correct jack (computer speakers go into the green 3.5mm circular jack), 2 (MORE)

Why is it that when you play your mp3 player in your car the volume is so low and wont go as high as your speakers can put out?

A sound system basically consists of 3 parts; a sound source, an amplifier, and speakers. An amplifier can only amplify the signal so may times. If the strength of the signal (MORE)