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Probability sampling and complex probability sampling?

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What does probability do?

Probability tells you the chance that something will happen.For example:There are 3 red tiles, 5 green tiles and 2 pink tiles in a bag. What is the probability of picking a re (MORE)
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What is the key feature of probability sampling?

The key feature is that each sample of the given size has the same probability of being selected as the sample. Equivalently, each unit in the population has the same probabil (MORE)

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What is the sample space for choosing a letter from the word probability?

11 * * * * *No, on two counts.The sample space is the possible outcomes of the experiment, not the NUMBER of possible outcomes. And, as far as this experiment is concerned, th (MORE)

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of non probability sampling?

Advantages and disadvantages of probability sampling: Advantages: Since it is done at random, the whole process is unbiased. This is good to use in smaller populations, of co (MORE)

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How can you perform a sample selected in such a way that each member of the population has an equal probability of being included?

The short answer is "random sample," but that, unfortunately, is neither specific nor complete. It is not specific because there are forms of random sampling where selection p (MORE)

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