What is probability sample space?

idon't now, but ask me about American idol. Lolz! the total out come from an experimant is called sample space for example: when tossing a die the out comes are 1, 2 , 3 (MORE)

What distinguishes a probability sample from a non probability sample?

I believe you meant to ask: What distinguishes a random sample from a non random sample?. A random sample means the selection or sampling from the population is by chance. Lo (MORE)

Is questionnaire probability sampling technique?

A questionnaire has little to do with sampling technique. Sampling technique is to do with who gets the questionnaire and that can be any sampling technique: the questionnaire (MORE)

When is non probability sampling appropriate?

In some situations stratified random sampling may be more appropriate. You may have a population which can be divided up into a number of subsets (strata) such that the differ (MORE)

How do you combine probability to non probability sampling?

There are many methods: stratified random sampling and cluster sampling are two examples. Suppose you have a school with 1000 pupil: 400 in the Junior school and 600 in the S (MORE)