Problem coding rf remote key for peugeot 406 tried coding procedure unable to sycn anybody had the same problem?

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Peugeot 406 radio code?

Answer Ameny . My car radio requires the code, can u help, puegeot 406 My email is

How do you install radio code peugeot 406 1998 - I have the code?

code entry After switching on the display will show 'CODE' Press the preset 1 key, the display will change to 0 .. .. .. Enter the code using the band up/down keys. Press pr

Idling speed problem of peugeot 406?

A bad coolant temperature sensor is one thing that could cause an idling speed problem with a Peugeot 406. There could also be a problem with the idle control valve.

How do you remove peugeot 406 1998 radio err code?

Switch the radio on and go for a run or a shopping trip. After several minutes the message 'err code' will switch to 'code'. enter the code via the left and right arrows (the