Questionnaire for mentally challenged children coping stratagies by mother?

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Is there a way to protect young children from their mother who mentally harms them?

Protecting Child from Abusive Mother . Contact your local agency that protects children. Some states call it CPS: Child Protective Serves or Department of Children and Fami

How do you cope with your husband when his mother dies and you have small children to look after?

This is a hard question to answer considering I don't know you. If your husband was very close to his mother and extremely emotional over her death then he is allowed to have

If your cousin is mentally challenged and his mother does not give him what he needs what can you do?

Answer . I'm not particularly sure what you mean but if your talking about basic needs then yes do what ever it is to help out your help will be greatly appreciated sometim

Can grandparents get custody rights of mentally physically challenged children?

If you mean getting "custody" of your grandchildren, it depends on a lot of factors--- do the parents or gaurdians have legal custody?? Are they unfit parents?? Do you mean "v

What is stratagy?

Answer . Based on the spelling provided in the question, "Stratagy" is Toshiba's Voice Processing Software.

Is there a questionnaire you can fill in to see if you have a mental disorder?

You can get a rough idea of things by searching for the diagnostic criteria of the disorder you believe you might have. Include "DSM-IV-TR" in the search box. When you find th

Coping mental and emotional of mental health?

Go to a psychiatrist? Or if it's serious, (you may not like this) ask to go into a mental health institution. You may think that it doesn't help but it does. My mother is in

What are the challenges bee faces in proving his manness to each of his male children and how does he cope with their preception of him?

Great question. First, we must understand that Bee is not, in fact, an actual male. Bee was first born as a rare breed of pokemon, known as female. When Bee realized that he w

How can you design a questionnaire based on manpower challenges?

Depends on what you wish the manpower to be. Assuming you use your legs, you could make it so that the contestants run on treadmills, and if they stop running, they are out o