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Is there a way to protect young children from their mother who mentally harms them?

Protecting Child from Abusive Mother . Contact your local agency that protects children. Some states call it CPS: Child Protective Serves or Department of Children and Families or Children and Youth Services or whatever your state calls it. File a complaint of suspected child endangerment or abuse; many times you don't have to give your name. You may be saving a child from a terrible situation. GOOD LUCK... P.S. Look in the colored pages of your phonebook (usually in the middle) for the state agencies.. If possible, always document EVERYTHING, my ex has bi-polar, and without proving it, I would have ended up sharing custody, and he ended up with supervised visits.. Documentation is key! And make sure you document what the exact problem is. MENATL ABUSE is much harder to prove! there are no physical bruises. If you know or are the teacher document the school work struggling or the anti-social behavior or worse the behavior that they may duplicate from home.

How does a narcissist cope with losing their narcissist mother?

Overweening, smothering, spoiling, overvaluing, and idolizing the child - are all forms of parental abuse. This is because, as Horney pointed out, the child is dehumanized and instrumentalized. His parents love him not for what he really is - but for what they wish and imagine him to be: the fulfilment of their dreams and frustrated wishes. The child is taught to ignore reality and to occupy the parental fantastic space. Such an unfortunate child feels omnipotent and omniscient, perfect and brilliant, worthy of adoration and entitled to special treatment. The faculties that are honed by constantly brushing against bruising reality - empathy, compassion, a realistic assessment of one's abilities and limitations, realistic expectations of oneself and of others, personal boundaries, team work, social skills, perseverance and goal-orientation, not to mention the ability to postpone gratification and to work hard to achieve it - are all lacking or missing altogether. The child turned adult sees no reason to invest in his skills and education, convinced that his inherent genius should suffice. He feels entitled for merely being, rather than for actually doing (rather as the nobility in days gone by felt entitled not by virtue of its merit but as the inevitable, foreordained outcome of its birth right). In other words, he is not meritocratic - but aristocratic. In short: a narcissist is born. The narcissist has a complicated relationship with his parents (mainly with his mother, but, at times, with his father). As Primary Objects, the narcissist's parents are often a source of frustration which leads to repressed or to self-directed aggression. They traumatise the narcissist during his infancy and childhood and thwart his healthy development well into his late adolescence. Often, they are narcissists themselves. Always, they behave capriciously, reward and punish the narcissist arbitrarily, abandon him or smother him with ill-regulated emotions. They instil in him a demanding, rigid, idealistic and sadistic Superego. Their voices continue to echo in him as an adult and to adjudicate, convict and punish him in a myriad ways. Thus, in most important respects, the narcissist's parents never die. They live on to torment him, to persecute and prosecute him. Their criticism, verbal and other forms of abuse and berating live on long after their physical demise. Their objectification of the narcissist lasts longer than any corporeal reality. Naturally, the narcissist has a mixed reaction to the passing away of his parents. It is composed of elation and a sense of overwhelming freedom mixed with grief. The narcissist is attached to his parents in much the same way as a hostage gets "attached" to his captors (the Stockholm syndrome), the tormented to his tormentors, the prisoner to his wardens. When the bondage ceases or crumbles, the narcissist feels both lost and released, saddened and euphoric, empowered and drained. Additionally, the narcissist's parents are Secondary Narcissistic Supply Sources (SNSSs). They fulfil the triple role of "accumulating" the narcissist's past, evidencing the narcissist's grand moments ("live history") and providing him with Narcissistic Supply on a regular and reliable basis (Regulation of Narcissistic Supply). Their death represents the loss of the best available Narcissistic Supply Source and, therefore, constitutes a devastating blow to the narcissist's mental composure. But beneath these evident losses lies a more disturbing reality. The narcissist has unfinished business with his parents. All of us do - but his is more fundamental. Unresolved conflicts, traumas, fears and hurts seethe and the resulting pressure deforms the narcissist's personality. The death of his parents seals inability to come to terms with the very sources of his invalidity, with the very poisonous roots of his disorder. These are grave and disconcerting news, indeed. Moreover, the death of his parents virtually secures a continuation of the debate which rages between the narcissist's Superego and the other structures of his personality. Unable to contrast the ideal parents with the real (less than ideal) ones, unable to communicate with them, unable to defend himself, to accuse, to pity � the narcissist finds himself trapped in a time capsule, forever reliving his childhood and its injustice and abandonment, denied the closure he so craves and needs. The narcissist needs his parents alive mostly in order to get back at them, to accuse and punish them for what they have done to him. This attempt at reciprocity ("settling the scores") represents to him justice and order, it introduces sense and logic into an otherwise totally confused landscape. It is a triumph of right over wrong, weak over strong, law and order over chaos and capriciousness. The demise of his parents is perceived by him to be a cosmic joke at his expense. He feels "stuck" for the rest of his life with the consequences of events and behaviour not of his own doing or fault. The villains evade responsibility by leaving the stage, ignoring the script and the director's (=the narcissist's) orders. The narcissist goes through a final big cycle of helpless rage when his parents die. He then feels, once again, ashamed and guilty, worthy of condemnation and punishment (for being angry as well as elated at their death). It is when his parents pass away that the narcissist becomes a child again. And, as it was during the first time round, it is not a pleasant or savoury experience. Based on my book "Malignant Self Love - Narcissism Revisited" (c) 2003 Lidija Rangelovska Narcissus Publications

How do you cope with your husband when his mother dies and you have small children to look after?

This is a hard question to answer considering I don't know you. If your husband was very close to his mother and extremely emotional over her death then he is allowed to have his grieving period (there is no limit to grieving) and it's a natural process and a healthy one. Perhaps you could ask friends, or your own parents if they could take the kids for a weekend and try to get away with your husband. It doesn't have to be an expensive trip, but just somewhere where you could perhaps walk hand-in-hand on the beach, talk about how he feels about his mother's death, try to give some comfort and wise advice and simply let him know you understand the best you can as to how he feels. Try the mini holiday. If you can't afford this or don't have the time then try a whole day off on the weekend and a nice dinner in the evening and walk somewhere. Get in touch with each other and simply let him know you are thinking about his feelings. It will help the grieving time run a little more smoothly for him. Good luck Marcy Just try to be as much of a comfort to him as you can be. Be his best friend AND his wife.

If your cousin is mentally challenged and his mother does not give him what he needs what can you do?

Answer . I'm not particularly sure what you mean but if your talking about basic needs then yes do what ever it is to help out your help will be greatly appreciated sometimes it's hard for parents to do what is necessary for their kids who have learning disability so yes help if you can.. Answer . Social Sevices or Human Services wouldbe the people to talk to. If he is at school see if you can talk to one of his teachers.. Answer . Persons who are mentally challenged are eligible to receive many forms of public assistance including Medicare, Medicaid and other government aid and resources. In such situations a case worker is assigned to oversee the personal care of the mentally challenged person including educational and physical therapy, special medical needs and so forth. If the family is not receiving such aid it may be due to the fact that the parents/caregivers are not aware of the assistance that is available. The state's department of family and human services can assist in whatever matter is needed, telephone numbers can be found in the "state government pages" of the local phone directory. Before making the conclusion that said person is not getting what is needed, one must be very certain what those needs are. If the person is not being kept healthy by proper diet and hygiene, not receiving needed medical or dental care, or there are signs of abuse or neglect it is a serious problem and it should be reported at once. On the other hand it may be a misunderstanding of what the person's needs are by those who are not schooled in the care of the mentally handicapped. One option might be to communicate to the parent(s) one's concerns about the care being given and try to find an equitable solution before involving outside agencies.. Answer . Depending on the degeree of "needs not met", there are a few things you could do to help. Ask the mother if she is aware of assistance available for special needs children and adults. If not, help her make some phone calls to various agencies; state and town etc... Sometimes it can be overwhelming for a mother of someone with special needs, and a little help can go a long way. Some parents a against any help from "outsiders". If there is outright neglect or abuse, you should call the state and find out which agency could help the situation. No child or adult should be abused or neglected, and the penalty is higher for abuse/neglect of the elderly and hanicapped. If the situation is high priority (abuse, serious neglect, serious lack of ordinary care), the person may need to be removed from their current living conditions.. Answer . ANOTHER POINT of view is that it is a FELONY to abuse and/or neglect a person with MENTAL RETARDATION,, you can help your cousin by contacting the State Agency that protects people with retardation. They will investigate and if they find the handicapped person IS being neglected, they can help the parent to meet the necessary laws of proper care and/or help them get out of that situation....Best of are doing your cousin a BIG favor by helping them out.. Do NOT call it retardation that word is not acceptable any more.. The question you have to ask youself is how your cousin is being neglected or treated. If the situation is minor and your cousins carer is finding it difficult to look after your cousin on their own, or even with the help of family, there are polenty of care services that can help. Asking at the school or asking a social worker, if they have one, is a good place to start.. If the situation is harming your cousins development, or mental, or physical help you may want to bypass your cousins carer and go to through the school or social worker and they will be able to assess the situation proffessionally and set in place what supports or actions that are needed.

Can grandparents get custody rights of mentally physically challenged children?

If you mean getting "custody" of your grandchildren, it depends on a lot of factors--- do the parents or gaurdians have legal custody?? Are they unfit parents?? Do you mean "visitation" rights?? First- If they are unfit and a state childrens agency is involved, and/or the children have been removed from the home ( or the parents rights have been "severed") then you can speak to the "case worker" and petion the court for custody. Most agencies look to place children with family members that are willing and able to assume "custody". HOWEVER- if you mean VISITATION rights, you would have to approach the parents and have an agreement with them for visitation times. If they refuse, then you can petion the courts and/or seek out a case worker who will help you. THE ISSUE of Grandparents rights is still being hashed out in the court system. GANDPARENTS are an important part of ANY child's life. If parents don't allow their children contact with their grandparents, (for whatever reason), I feel it's very sad to "use" children as pawns in their little "game". The children end up the LOSERS. I truly hope this has helped you. I wish you the very best! Answer Any party that can establish "just cause" may petition the court for guardianship/custodial rights of a minor(s). Grandparents have a legal right to request the court grant them guardianship of a child if the circumstances warrant. A judge will always make such a decision based upon what is in the best interest of the child/children and not on the preference of family members. Answer LAST YEAR we reported in The New York Law Journal that the United States Supreme Court granted certiorari to Troxel v. Granville, [FN1] an appeal involving the constitutionality of Washington's nonparent visitation statute. We said that where a decision relating to a child is involved, regulations imposing a burden on it may be justified only by compelling state interests, because the right to rear a child is protected by the Due Process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. We suggested that when the natural parents are alive, the state's compelling interest is sufficient to allow it to determine, in the "best interest of the child", the extent to which the child's contacts with its natural family should be interfered with, only upon a showing of harm to the child. We concluded that a grandparent visitation statute which applies the "best interest" analysis, and does not require a showing of harm to the child before state interference can be authorized, is unconstitutional.

What is a questionnaire?

It is a list of questions designed to collect specific information. It is used for research work by scientists, businesses, and political parties, among others. A questionnaire is a research instrument consisting of a series of questions and other prompts for the purpose of gathering information from respondents. Although they are often designed for statistical analysis of the responses, this is not always the case It is a series of questions or survey that is asked to respondents, and designed to extract specific information. A questionnaire is a list of questions withmultiple answers to tick off, or you may be asked, or are requiredto fill in the answers. A questionnaire is a list of questions that is used to get peoplesopinions on certain subjects, They are used in politics or in awork environment.

How many year does it take to go to college to work with mentally challenged children?

Answer . \nAs an aide I believe they are requiring 2 years of schooling now. As a teacher it takes 4-5 years, depending upon if you get more than one endorsement.

What is stratagy?

Answer . Based on the spelling provided in the question, "Stratagy" is Toshiba's Voice Processing Software.

Why are people mentally challenged?

Different reasons. Sometimes it is a matter of genetics, sometimes due to things that acted on the baby before baby was born, or during early childhood- and sometimes, we just don't know.

How does mental health affect an individual in coping with negative feelings?

When a person has negative feelings, having a good attitude willhelp deal with it. If the attitude is negative it will just feedinto the feelings instead of help.

What is the meaning of 'mentally challenged'?

"Mentally challenged" is a euphemism for mentally retarded, orhaving a low IQ or mental disabilities this means that someone whowould be mentally challenged wouldn't do as well as theirclassmates. when your not physically disabled (wheelchair)

How are mentally challenged people housed?

It all depends. they are often commited to Mental Hospitals or so-called schools where there is little learning going on and they are essentially holding tanks, look at the Willowbrook case int he seventies. The Funny Farm is no laughing matter.

Can mentally challenged people have kids?

the jeans within their parents, parents could be smoking or drinking while pregnant and cause brain damage. sometimes it just happens

Do courts give custody of children to mentally ill or borderline mothers?

Courts will sometimes give custody of children to mentally ill orborderline mothers. It will depend upon the severity of their casesand they will be assigned social workers.

What does it take to be considered Mentally Challenged?

An IQ of less than 70 is considered mentally challenge. . IQ plays a big part in being considered mentally challenged. But you also and/or need to show signs of slower or delayed developmental traits as well.

How do children with diabetes cope in school?

I can't speak for all children, but I can tell you how my son coped with diabetes while in school. We kept two sets of insulin pens: one at school with the nurse and one at home. At school, he would run to the nurse's office and take his insulin after breakfast and lunch. The teachers, students and school staff were aware of his diabetes and were instructed on how to deal with a situation if my son were to have low or high blood sugar. And he kept some candy with him at all times, just in case his sugar level dropped (which it never did at school).

How do you cope with a mental illness?

Do your best to live life an d not get depressed or anything. I have a mental illness, and i can work through it. you can also.

What is meant by mentally challenged?

It's a more polite way of saying mentally retarded. It means the person has an IQ below 70.

Can a dog be mentally challenged?

Yes, a dog can be mentally challenged. A purebred dog who isprofessionally bred will usually be put down at the first sign of amental or physical deformity.

How do you discipline a mentally challenged child?

To better understand what a child may be communicating through challenging behavior, it is important for adults to play detective and gather information. Think about when, where and with whom the challenging behavior occurs. Notice any patterns that occur. Think carefully about your child's day at school, home and other places you tend to see challenging behavior. See if you can find any patterns to your child's behavior by asking:. Is my child avoiding something, some place, or someone? . Does my child like the way this behavior ( for example hand flapping or spinning) feels? . Is my child uncomfortable, hungry, tired, or not feeling well? . Is my child having a reaction to medication or food? . Is my child angry, sad, anxious, or scared? . Is my child confused, bored, or frustrated? . Does my child want to get away from something or someone? . Does my child want to get something? . Many caregivers find it helpful to take note of what happens directly before and directly after the challenging behavior occurs. For example: does your child get easily frustrated, even when she's working on something she likes to do? If so, maybe she does not understand the instructions or the steps she needs to follow for the project to succeed. Are you paying attention to your child only after her challenging behavior occurs? If so, maybe a few minutes of "together time" before your child heads off to school, playgroup, or other activities could prevent future challenging behavior. Start thinking about whether the circumstances before and after the challenging behavior support the child in a positive way. Maybe your child just needs some extra time to transition from one activity to another.

What is a questionnair?

A questionnaire is a printed sheet of questions that is given to a number of people to fill in for the purpose of gathering data on some specific subject.

What to do if a mentally challenged person hit you?

Well, just tell an adult. They should be able to take control without any trouble.

How do you cope mentally with losing your job?

you find someone you trust to help you with money problems and look after you.

What is the difference between mentally retarded and mentally challenged?

Same thing. It's just a twist of words. Mentally challenged is a euphemism for mentally retarded.

How do children cope in children homes?

Children's care homes are not as bad as they are portrayed on TV, they get all their basic needs met and their are very supporting staff on duty at all times. they will meet people who they dislike but that is apart of life.

Is there a questionnaire you can fill in to see if you have a mental disorder?

You can get a rough idea of things by searching for the diagnostic criteria of the disorder you believe you might have. Include "DSM-IV-TR" in the search box. When you find the criteria, see if any of them apply to you. This is not a matter of scoring. If more than a couple apply, you need to speak with a professional.

How did the children cope with the evacuation?

The children were quite confused because they did not entirely know what was going on and some of them did not even have parents at all because they had been killed.

How do you feed a mentally challenged person?

I would say that it depends on the individual, their age, mental health status, their capabilities. I would say there isn't a complete answer to this question as it's too generic. Think about the individual, think about the food/meal, think about their requirements and the support they need, their understanding, their communication methods and abilities, your relationship with them, are they comfortable with you? The environment, the utensils/equipment available. All in all the most important thing is that the individual receives satisfaction and their nutritional requirements are met.

Your mother-in-law has a mentally challenged daughter who gets a check every month from the state and spends it on herself and does not use any of it for her daughter Is this misappropiation of funds?

The question is worded in a confusing manner. If you mean that Mother-in-law gets a check for the benefit of her mentally challenged daughter but does not use it for that purpose - then the question must be asked - How do you know this for sure? Maybe it frees up other money that she might not normally have to use for the benefit of the daughter. If you have proof that the mentally challenged daughter is mis-treated or in a bad way due to neglect - by all means contact Social Services or law enforcement to have them look into it. Without any proof - you don't have much.

Do mentally challenged people work?

Yes they do! In fact, in some cases, they outperform theirso-called 'normal' counterparts at the work place.

What does a mentally challenged person work at?

Sometimes you can find a job at the Goodwill. Try McDonald's or other fast food places. Find a good social worker to help you navigate the system.

Is Mickey Mouse mentally challenged?

There is no evidence to suggest that Mickey Mouse is mentally challenged. In many of his animated shorts, he shows intelligence and cunning, often tricking Pete. Mickey may speak simply to better connect with his target audience (young children).

How do I cope with my childrens continued rejection of me?

Sometimes things happen that are beyond our control. You don't say anything about how they reject you, or give a possible idea of why. Sometimes there are outside forces working against you, Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS), reactive attachment disorders or it may just be a phase. Talk to your children and ask them why this is happening. Above all let them know that you love them without putting a "Guilt Trip" on them. Investigate their hobbies, and try to find a common interest that you can enjoy together.

Ways in which the Caribbean can cope with its challenges?

the caribbean can face this challenges by threating them in time or by getting help by the countries of the caribbean or by getting help in different asosiation

How the Caribbean can cope with the challenges faced in the caribban?

they can cope by less people migratinq to the particular country (if it is small) the size of the region matterz or the dbt burden

How do you become mentally challenged?

Shy of a traumatic head injury, you do not become mentally challenged. You either are or are not. The use of drugs can aid in the process. It is not a desired affect.

Coping mental and emotional of mental health?

Go to a psychiatrist? Or if it's serious, (you may not like this) ask to go into a mental health institution. You may think that it doesn't help but it does. My mother is in one and she is getting better. Give it a go?

How do you tell your dog's mentally challenged?

Its obvious: He runs in circles, chases his tail, when you say "Fetch!", he runs away from the ball. These are all signs of a mentally ill dog.

How do you cope with mental illness and loneliness?

It is difficult to cope with loneliness. Play therapy, support groups and interactive programs are found in medical health care facilities yet the individuals loneliness being part of illness can go only with specific treatment.

What are the challenges bee faces in proving his manness to each of his male children and how does he cope with their preception of him?

Great question. First, we must understand that Bee is not, in fact, an actual male. Bee was first born as a rare breed of pokemon, known as female. When Bee realized that he was not even a Bee, it was all too much for him. Bee moved to a tropical resort in northern Scandinavia and became an illegal gaterade dealer. So, to answer your question, Bee faces no challenges in proving his manness to each of his male children, because he has no children and is not a man.

Is rounding a mental math stratagie?

yes and no. people should be able to know how to round. This is common sense, but some people still fail to do so, so this can be taken as a strategy.

How do you stop your mentally challenged mother from giving someone else power of attorney even though you already have it?

The answer to your question will vary, depending on the extent of the power that you've been granted, and the capacity of your mother at the time she named you as an agent, as well as the language of the document itself. There are different types -- or "levels" -- granted by a "Power of Attorney" document. Because you've mentioned that your mother is "mentally challenged," it is possible that the POA you hold is no longer valid. If it was granted before she became mentally incompetent (IF she is mentally incompetent), and if the document doesn't declare your responsibilities "in the event of her mental incapacitation," the document is likely void. If your mother is mentally incapacitated, she cannot grant Power of Attorney to anyone, including you. Rather, someone needs to file a petition to be named as her legal guardian. Because there are so many variables, and because laws vary from state to state, you need to consult an attorney in your area. You should be able to meet with an attorney for an initial consultation without any charge to you.

How can you design a questionnaire based on manpower challenges?

Depends on what you wish the manpower to be. Assuming you use your legs, you could make it so that the contestants run on treadmills, and if they stop running, they are out of the game, and you have to answer questions while running, so, technically yes. Of course, if you mean questions based on facts about Manpower, then yes.

How do i cope with my mother being gone?

There is lots of ways 2 cope. I lost my mother when i was 3yrs old and then my dad when i was 6yrs old. So just believe that you can get past this, i don't know if your a christian or not but i believe in God and i trust him so if you don't believe in God i strongly encourage you 2! because He is there 4 you and he knows what your going through and as strange as it sounds He has a plan 4 you! A great one 2! so just hang in there! -Godbless!

Can you be mentally challenged and not know it?

Yes, some people can be mentally challenged and not know it and some do know they may be 'slow' and have their limitation. Just because someone may call another 'retarded' or 'stupid' does not necessarily mean it is true.

What are the chances of having five mentally challenged children at different births?

There is a random chance of any birth producing a defective child but there are some genetic conditions which could mean that EVERY birth will produce a defective child. Therefore without knowing your circumstances we can not properly answer this question for you. That you ask it indicates that you are worried and the best person to answer your questions would be a qualified medical practitioner (a Doctor), go and see one.

Is mental illness and mentally challenged the same?

I don't think so. Mental illness refers to any of the many diagnosable disorders in the field of Psychiatry and mental health. They include disorders like major depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. Usually, when people use the term 'mentally challenged', they are referring to someone who seems to have a deficit in intellectual ability or intelligence. An intellectual deficit is not a mental illness.

Are redheads mentally challenged?

redheads are not mentally challenge some are but they are just spacial but if u are talking about cat on victorious she is just playing a role.

Is joe biden mentally challenged?

Yes. He suffers from multiple mental disorders and is the nation's first mentally challenged Vice President.

How can individual cope up with emotional and mental health problems?

It depends on the kind of such problems. If they are light and caused by stress, problems at work and in family, one can cope with them dealind with real-life problems, having enough rest and sleep, readind specific litherature... But if the emotional and mental health problems are strong, it's better to consult a psychologist or even psycheatrist. Best regards, Chernishov Nikolay.