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If you want a word origin you can use a?

Dictionary. Or an Etymological Dictionary.

A sentence using the word dread?

The little girl was full of dread

The law of original horizontality?

The law of original horizontality states that sedimentary rocks were laid down essentially horizontally.

How do you use original jurisdiction in a sentence?

The Supreme Court of the United States of America has original jurisdiction in very few limited circumstances. Original Jurisdiction is the authority to hear a case first.

How do you use the word horizontal in a sentence?

A horizontal line runs from side to side, while a vertical line extends up and down. The horizontal stabilizer is mounted on the tail of a plane and provides stability in leve

How can you use the word sophistication in a sentence?

"Young women were once sent to 'finishing schools' to learn etiquette and sophistication." "In the late 19th century, Paris once again became known for its sophistication and

What is a sentence using the word obtain?

It's hard for young people to obtain a good job these days. I tried to obtain a temporary passport but I had to get a complete new one. Is it possible to obtain a trained mo

What is the origin of the word sentence?

First English attest c.1290, "doctrine, authoritative teaching," from Old French sentence (12cent.), from Latin sententia "thought, meaning, judgment, opinion," from sentiente

Use of horizontal analysis?

A horizontal analysis of an account on a spreadsheet can allow the  user to compare the amount in the account at different dates during  a fiscal period. When doing a spread