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What is the law of original horizontality?

the law of original horizontality states that most sediments, when originally formed, were laid down horizontally. However, many layered rocks are no longer horizontal. Becaus

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How do you use the word I and the word is in a sentence?

(The words may be part of separate clauses, or the letter I could specifically refer to the letter of the alphabet. Otherwise, the proper conjugation is "am.") Examples: The o

What is a sentence using the word Word?

Here are some examples of sentences that include the word "Word:"    He made a promise and kept his word.    It was his word against mine.    He wrote a 6

Can you write a sentence using the word origin?

Evolution explains a great deal about the origin of each species on this planet. It was patently obvious that he was the origin of the terrible smell. It didn't take much sleu

How do you use horizontal in a sentence?

Most people write on the horizontal lines of a paper, not the vertical ones. or.. If someone says you're laying horizontally you're parallel to the floor.

How would you use original in a sentence?

The watch was very original because it was covered in 9 carrots of diamonds. ======== The word "original" is basically an adjective, derived from the noun 'origin'. The