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Should I get the samsung captivate or wait for the Samsung Nexus S to come out... I am getting a new phone for Christmas so I need to know fast. Any help?

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How do you save pictures on the samsung captivate?

When someone sends you a picture, just tap the menu icon at the bottom and you should see 'Attached Items' with a paperclip icon above it. Click that, then check the IMG so th

How come Samsung 3D TV s have flickers if they are so expensive?

Samsung and other 3D televisions can sometimes show a little flickering. It is normally an indication that the glasses need to be recharged. Charging the glasses every week wi

Is Samsung Nexus is good mobile phone?

It is called the "Galaxy Nexus" by the way, and yes! It is the first Android phone to support Android v4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and it is definitely worth your money. Soon i