Should a patient be told if their heath care provider has HIV or aids?

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What are aids and HIV?

AIDS is the fifth leading cause of death among people aged 25 - 44 in the United States, down from number one in 1995. About 25 million people worldwide have died from this infection since the start of the epidemic, and in 2006, there were approximately 40 million people around the world living with (MORE)


hiv is the virus that makes your immune system to weaken and aids is when you get the infection that you can´t cure but can prevent or make it slower.

What is HIV-AIDS?

HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. It is a virus that attacks your immune system (body's natural defense system) which are your white blood cells, specifically, CD4+ cells. The virus & the infections that it causes are consider HIV. AIDS stands for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. It i (MORE)

Should a patient be told that a health care provider has AIDS?

it depends on who's point of view you look at... no... doctors can face Discrimination the patiets could use the information in a harmful way yes... its the patients right to know "Dentists convicted of giving Aids to their patients." help patients make an informed decision whether they want to take (MORE)

What should you do if your current boyfriend has HIV-AIDS?

It isn't the end of the world ie. he can still safely be your boyfriend. I would practice non-penetrative sex only (to be extra safe). Although if you choose to practice penetrative sex, always use a condom (correctly and consistently). ie search online for exact details -- on important detail is to (MORE)

Are there any health or safety concerns in heath care aide?

Health aides may be called upon to help their patients move from one place to another, or to move immobile patients. If not done correctly (and with mechanical assisting devices at times) the health aide may suffer back injury or other related ergonomic problems.

What are HIV and AIDS?

STDs, which is an acronym for Sexually Transmitted Disease. They are diseases transferred through sexual activity that ca be extremely painful. They are also far too common in many third world countries.

Why should I be aware of AIDS or HIV?

HIV/AIDS can drastically cut your life expectancy down to 10 years from catching the virus. You should be aware of A.I.D.S and H.I.V, as you can easily catch the illness from anyone, one night out may be enough .

What health care facility provides assistance and care for elderly patients?

Are you in HOSA? Just asking... Home care assistance provides the best caregiving services forsenior citizens. Their services includes bathing, brooming,preparing meal, taking care of diet, providing proper nutrition andmany more services which makes their life easy and happy. Health Care provider (MORE)

What are some Good aspects of providing aid for patient with aids?

There are combinations of drugs that can keep the HIV virus almost totally under control. The best way of providing aid for a patient with AIDS is to get him or her on those drugs. Let the patient live a normal life span. The second best way is to keep the patient filled with food. HIV patients get (MORE)

Should International Drug Companies provide HIV and AIDS Drugs to Africa free of charge?

This decision should be made by each drug company individually. If you force someone to be charitable, it becomes merely a tax, or a coercion. These companies exist because people buy their drugs... They do not receive donations, they are not charities. True, there are many people in serious nee (MORE)

Should heath care be reformed?

There are many points both for and against health care reform. This is based purely upon opinion. Many people will say many different things. A better question to ask would be, "what are some reasons health care should be reformed" or something to that effect. (?) Answer: Healthcare legislatio (MORE)

If you have aids you have HIV?

Yes. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. Just because someone is HIV+ doesnt mean they have developed AIDS. However, if someone has an AIDS diagnosis, they are HIV+.

How you can get HIV and aids?

Through sexual contact -- including oral, vaginal, and anal sex . Through blood -- via blood transfusions (now extremely rare in the US) or needle sharing . From mother to child -- a pregnant woman can transmit the virus to her fetus through their shared blood circulation, or a nursing mother can (MORE)

Does cold weather affect hiv aids patients?

It is irrelevant to AIDS patient.Cold weather can affect a normal person and so an AIDS patient. Since the patient has immunocompromised immunity the patient may feel sick more than the normal. Other than than there is no connection between cold weather and AIDS.

What care should a patient receive after a bronchoscopy?

After the bronchoscopy, the patient will be monitored for vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing, while resting in bed. Sometimes patients have an abnormal reaction to anesthesia. All saliva should be.

What care should a patient receive after a fasciotomy?

People who have endoscopic plantar fasciotomy can walk without pain almost immediately, return to wearing their regular shoes within three to five days, and return to normal activities within three weeks. Most will need to wear

What care should a patient receive after a gastrostomy?

Immediately after the operation, the patient is fed intravenously for at least 24 hours. Once bowel sounds are heard, indicating that the gastrointestinal system is working, the patient can begin clear liquid feedings through the tube.

What care should a patient receive after an episiotomy?

The area of the episiotomy may be uncomfortable or even painful for several days. Several practices can relieve some of the pain. Cold packs can be applied to the perineal area to reduce swelling and discomfort. Use of the Sitz bath.

What care should a patient receive after immobilization?

After a cast or splint has been put on, the injured arm or leg should be elevated for 24 to 72 hours. It is recommended that the person lie or sit with the injured arm or leg raised above the level of the heart. Rest combined with elevation.

What care should a patient receive after an iridectomy?

Short-term aftercare following laser iridectomy or iridotomy is minimal. Patients are asked to make arrangements for someone to drive them home after surgery, but can usually go to work the next day and resume other activities. This type of procedure on the iris of the eye is done for increased pres (MORE)

What care should a patient receive after exercise?

Proper cool down after exercise is important in reducing the occurrence of painful muscle spasms. It has been documented that proper cool down also may decrease frequency and intensity of muscle stiffness the day.

Should doctors spare no expense to care for AIDS patients who will most likely die regardless of treatment?

First of all, most HIV/AIDS patients can lead healthy productive lives if they maintain use of HAART therapy (antiviral therapy in a specific three drug combination) on a consistent basis. Secondly, most AIDS patients know when to let go ... when the pain and frustration become overwhelming. Very fe (MORE)

What protective equipement should a PN use when providing wound care for a patient with MRSA?

The chances of catching the bug yourself from your patient is reasonably small; that is unless you yourself have any open wounds or sores that are not suitably treated and dressed so if this were the case you should not be doing his wound care. The only protective clothing you need are apron and gl (MORE)

What care should a patient receive after an adrenalectomy?

Patients stay in the hospital for various lengths of time after adrenalectomy. The longest hospital stays are required for open surgery using an anterior approach; hospital stays of about three days are indicated for open surgery.

What care should a patient receive after an ostomy?

The skin around the stoma, called the peristomal skin, must be protected from direct contact with discharge. The discharge can be irritating to the stoma since it is very high in digestive enzymes. The peristomal skin should be cleansed.

What care should a patient receive after a thoracentesis?

As long as the tube is in the chest, the patient must lie still. After it is removed, x rays will determine if the effusion or air is reaccumulating%--though some researchers and clinicians believe chest x rays do not need to be performed after.

What care should a patient receive after a thoracoscopy?

After the procedure, a chest tube will remain in one of the incisions for several days to drain fluid and release residual air from the chest cavity. Hospital stays range from two to five days. Medications for pain are given as needed.

What care should a patient receive after a tracheotomy?

A chest x ray is often taken, especially in children, to check whether the tube has become displaced or if complications have occurred. The doctor may prescribe antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection. If the patient can breathe.

Is your employer required to disclose that a patient you directly care for has AIDS?

No. Typically, this information is not available without a court order or similar act of the judicial branch. HIPAA would cover this in two ways: First, HIPAA directly controls disclosure of Protected Health Information (PHI), which this definitely is, and HIPAA also defers to State law when that St (MORE)

Should the us help africans infected with hiv aids?

What effective measure can possibly be done for them? It's impossible for that many people. HIV treatment is far too expensive and complex to just spend money on, when they will most likely develop AIDS and die after 5 years anyway

And does he have hiv are aid?

HIV is the virus that causes AIDS whereas AIDS is the end result ofthe virus after the immune system is destroyed, and therefore HIVwill precede AIDS.