Should the Star Wars blu ray commemerative figure packs be opened?

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When will Star Wars be released on Blu-ray?

The first two trilogies, Episodes One through Six, were released asa blu-ray box set & as two separate sets, The Original Trilogy& Prequel Trilogy, in September 2011.

Why should you buy a Blu-ray?

Blu-Rays are in the highest HD out there yet and they can hold 5 times more data than a DVD can hold and they have special abilities that DVDs can never have

When will the Star Wars movies come out on Blu-ray?

Star Wars will be released in Blu-Ray sometime in September of 2011, according to an official announcement by 20th Century Fox. There will be a "Complete Saga" edition, as wel

Why do companies sell blu ray and DVD combo pack?

Most households that own a Bluray disc player normally have at least one DVD player elsewhere in the house. It is likely that publishers have decided that offering a DVD wit

How can the original Star Wars trilogy Blu-ray be in 6.1 audio if the films were made before that standard existed?

The Original Star Wars Trilogy (starting in 1977) were all mixed in 6-track Dolby Stereo. The Blu-Ray releases of these movies will have a new audio mix taken from the origina