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Should you buy a new or used water pump for a 1991 MPV?

  Answer     best bet is to buy a new for one they do not require a core charge and plus u get a lifetime warranty. now if u think u will sell the vehicle soon th (MORE)
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Should you be a model?

do what you think is right. if you think that it would be fun, go for it! don't worry about what others will say, they will be jealous by the time your face is in every magazi (MORE)
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Should you buy Halo 4?

It depends on what games you are interested in. Halo 4 is a great game for any fan of the Halo series, and the campaign and multiplayer are fantastic!
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How do you spell 200.00?

The number is "two hundred" (and no hundredths). As US currency $200.00 is "two hundred dollars" (and no cents).
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