What are the function of an http proxy?

The function of an HTTP proxy is to bypass web filtering bysearching the web for an anonymous and open HTTPS transparentproxy. The allows a person to keep others from monitori (MORE)

What is http proxy server?

This is a special type of servers that act as a buffer b/w WAN and a LAN.The server passes on the service request to the internet and then passes back the requested pages.
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How can I enable my disabled iPhone?

Myself...I have a iPod and my brother has tried to get into my iPod so i have a lock on it but he will try to disable it....so how to enable your disabled iPod If it said dis (MORE)
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How do you enable iPhone?

to enable your iPhone you need to connect it to your computer and register it via iTunes . When you turn on your iPhone you will see a visual prompt showing a disc and a USB l (MORE)

Should you use HTML or https?

They are not really the same kind of thing, so it is not a case ofusing one or the other. HTML is a language you use to createwebpages. Https is a secure protocol for people e (MORE)
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What is a good http proxy?

There are various things you would need to consider in order to establish a good http proxy. The speed and reliability of the proxy are the main considerations. Proxyfire is o (MORE)
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What is the purpose of a http Proxy Server?

The purpose of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure proxy server is to provide searching and surfing the internet with a sense of anonymity. It is also used to filter what i (MORE)