Should you use bleached or unbleached flour for banana bread?

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Can you use bread flour for all purpose flour?

yes Bread flour only varies from all purpose flour based on protein content. This causes a slightly heavier dough. It can still be used for any product asking for all purpose flour, but you may notice a slight difference in texture. To see more detail about the difference between many types of flo (MORE)

Why is strong flour used to make bread?

By "strong" flour, the question may refer to "durum" or hard-wheat flour. Durum flour contains a higher percentage of gluten which produces the desirable chewy texture and well-risen bread.

Why is strong flour used in bread recipes?

Strong flour is a flour that contains a high proportion of 'gluten', (a composite of the proteins gliadin and glutenin ). It has this because of the variety of wheat from which it is made and from the climate in which it was grown. When dough made with wheat flour is kneaded the 'gluten' devel (MORE)

Is unbleached flour bad for you?

Actually unbleached flour is better for you than bleached flour. Bleached flour contains traces of bromides, the bleaching agent. It also does not have the nutrients that unbleached does. . The bleaching agen t, Chlorine dioxide, used to bleach flour is reported to produce diabetes-causing contam (MORE)

What kind of bananas are used in banana bread?

Regular store bought banana's. Most recipes call for "over ripe" bananas, but other than the fact over ripe bananas are used, there is nothing special about them. Here is a good recipe that may interest you. . 2 cups all-purpose flour . 1 teaspoon baking soda . 1/4 teaspoon salt . 1/2 cup b (MORE)

What flour is used to make bread?

plain flour Additional Information: Several different flours can be used alone or combined to produce bread of different types. "Bread Flour" is made from hard wheat and contains more gluten to produce better bread dough. All Purpose Flour, Bleached or Unbleached flours are the most commonly (MORE)

What is the difference between bleached and unbleached flour?

ok uhem.. here is what your looking for:Bleached flour is whiter, has finer grains and gives your food a tempting aroma and look. And unbleached flour is less white or yellowish and may not be able to produce the effects as that of beached flour. .

What is unbleached wheat flour?

Unbleached wheat flour is found in foods, and is actually betterfor you then regular flour, because regular flour contains tracesof bromides, which is a bleaching detergent.

What is used flour for in making bread?

Flour is like, the base of the bread. It's the main thing that holds all of the other ingredients together. Without the flour, the bread wouldn't hold together very well.

What flour used for bread?

Breads usually use flours that are high in gluten, which is a protein found in wheat, oats, rye and barley flour. Wheat flour has the highest gluten content. High gluten wheat flours are also called: strong, high grade or bread flour.

How do you bake banana nut bread without flour?

You might try soy flour. It's not really flour but it works the same way. The bread may be a bit dry and I'm not sure it will rise the same way, but if you can't eat flour this may be better than nothing.

Can bread flour be used to make banana bread?

Yes, strong bread flour has more gluten than ordinary flour but will be fine in your banana bread although I hope it has baking powder in the recipe . It can be a bit stodgy otherwise.

Will the cake taste better when using unbleached flour?

No. I'm doubtful anyone will take a second bite. Unbleached flour does not have enough protein or gluten to create structure or rise. Make sure the family dog doesn't have breakfast and is good and hungry by 'cake' time.

Can you bleach an unbleached judo gi?

Yes, you can bleach an unbleached Judo gi. However, it is not going to come out right. They never do. An unbleached gi is generally used as a "practice" gi or training gi. It also get a funny feel to to it after you bleach it. I highly recommend to keep it unbleached. If you are trying to blea (MORE)

Is unbleached wheat flour bad for you?

No. It is better for you because it is the natural flour that has not been bleached whiter. I always use unbleached wheat flour and it is good for all baking. If you are baking white bread you need to use strong unbleached wheat flour.

Can you substitute bleached for unbleached flour?

Yes, the recipe will work the same. Unbleached flour is preferred by many people because they believe it is healthier since it hasn't been treated for bleaching, but it doesn't react differently when cooking.

Does unbleached flour have baking powder in it?

No. I think self-rising flour does, but normal flour definitely does not. More information: Unbleached, all-purpose flour does not have baking powder in it. Flour labeled "self-rising" contains baking powder and salt.

Is bakers flour the same as unbleached flour?

The term "bakers flour" can apply to any flour used to make bread. It can indicate bread flour or high-gluten flour made from hard wheat, bleached or unbleached, but the use of the term seems to vary in different regions and countries.

Can you sub whole wheat flour instead of all purpose flour for banana bread?

I have a recipe that calls for half whole wheat and half all purpose. If you are using a recipe that calls for only all purpose, I would add about one fourth more baking powder to get the same amount of rise out of the bread. You can substitute up to a third with whole wheat and keep the same baking (MORE)

Is unbleached flour same as unsifted flour?

Actually , unbleached flour is what you buy. Unsifted means that you don't need to sift the flour. Some recipes call for sifted flour, some don't say to do anything - that would be unsifted.

Can you use bread flour instead of strong plain flour?

The term "strong plain flour" is not used in the U.S., so it is difficult to understand the question. Bread flour has more gluten than all-purpose flour, so it is used for making bread and other products where a chewy texture is desirable. Bread flour is not recommended for cakes, pie crusts or othe (MORE)

Can you use bread flour in other recipes?

Yes, but depending on what you are making, the finished texture may be a little coarser than if it were made with all purpose flour. Don't, however, try to bake a cake with bread flower.

Can you use cake flour for bread making and why?

No, because cake flour will make baked goods much more dense and heavier. A bit more: While cake flour makes cakes very light and tender, it doesn't have enough gluten in it to make bread, which has to have a much higher gluten content to achieve the right texture, and to aid in rising.

Can you substitute all purpose flour for unbleached?

Yes. All-purpose flour and unbleached flour are usually the same thing. Just be sure that the package doesn't say something like 'self rising', 'bread flour', or 'cake flour' - those ARE NOT all-purpose flour.

Can you use bread flour to make waffles?

Yes! I found an old recipe book from the 1940's (Hamilton Ross Modern Cook Book by author K. Camille Den Dooven) and found that bread flour is used in the basic waffle recipe. Here is the recipe 1 cup bread flour (4 oz) 1 large egg 1/4 teaspoon salt 2 teaspoons baking powder 1 cup milk (the original (MORE)

Can you use cake flour or all purpose flour instead of unbleached flour?

Most unbleached flour is all-purpose flour that has not been treated with chemicals to increase its whiteness. So bleached all-purpose flour can be substituted for unbleached all purpose flour if that type of processing is not a concern. Whether or not cake flour should be used depends on what is be (MORE)

Why do you use flour and eggs when you bread?

The flour has more gluten in it and is needed for the bread to rise. Eggs are not often used, most of the bread that you buy in the store does NOT have eggs. Bread that does have egg in it, may have it to help bind the flour and other parts together, but is likely to have egg primarily for flavor (MORE)

Can you use bread flour for self rising flour?

Self rising flour contains a leavening agent in addition to flour. To substitute bread flour for self rising flour, you will need to add either baking soda or baking powder as well. Depending on the amount of flour used, you should add about 1 teaspoon baking soda or up to 1 tablespoon baking powder (MORE)