Should you use silver sulfadizine on an infants rash?

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What is a red blotchy rash on the body and face of an infant?

It is difficult to diagnose a rash without visualization - however, by your description, it appears to be either seborrhea dermatitis or atopic dermatitis (both are BENIGN con

What causes diaper rash in an infant?

A diaper rash is simply the skin becoming irritated from a diaper being wet or soiled. It can also be caused my sensitivities to foods the baby (or nursing mother) has eaten.

How should infants be prepared for an infant massage?

If lotions or oils are used, care is taken to ensure their safety on a baby's delicate skin. The most important consideration is to use vegetable oils rather than mineral oils

Why you should use silver?

Silver is one of the best electrical conductors. It is used in a lot of electrical contacts.