Smokeless tobacco and life insurance tests?

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How long does smokeless tobacco test positive in a blood test?

Researchers recruited 131 smokers-37 Chinese-Americans, 40 Latinos, and 54 whites-for an analysis. Each volunteer gave a blood sample before receiving an intravenous infus

How to pass a Life insurance test for tobacco?

Smokers are penalized by the insurance industry because of their higher mortality rate. Possner of Exam & Profile Services says, "Cigarettes [nicotine] will show up many days

What is the process of using smokeless tobacco?

one inserts the tobacco if it is dip or snuff between the gum and lip preferably on the lower jaw and is sucked on and spit until it is discarded. Chewing tobacco is ripped of

How many carcinogens are in smokeless tobacco?

Although different brands do have a slightly different amount it should be around 28. Not to make it sound like it is harmless but its alot better than 400 you get from cigare

How does smokeless tobacco enter the body?

Smokeless tobacco can be used a few different ways depending on how it is cut there is chewing tobacco, dipping tobacco, snus (spitless), or snuff. there are a few different w