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How long does smokeless tobacco test positive in urine test?

detectable quantaties of cotanine may be present in the urine 2-4 days after tobacco usage.

Can smokeless tobacco cause migraines?

If nicotine is a person's migraine trigger, then any type of product that has nicotine - even nicotine gum, will cause a migraine. If a person's migraine was triggered by the allergens in cigarette, cigar or pipe smoke, then it is possible that removing those inhalants would avoid a migraine.

How long does smokeless tobacco test positive in a blood test?

Researchers recruited 131 smokers-37 Chinese-Americans, 40 Latinos, and 54 whites-for an analysis. Each volunteer gave a blood sample before receiving an intravenous infusion of nicotine.. Nicotine is cleared from the blood by liver enzymes that convert it to its metabolite cotinine. Blood analysis showed that it took an average of 152 minutes for half the injected nicotine to degrade in the blood of the Chinese-Americans in this study. Nicotine's half-life in whites and Latinos was 134 and 122 minutes, respectively.. So essentially it will take around a week or so to be close to completely gone from the system of a pack a day smoker.

Is smokeless tobacco available in China?

Most likely not, as in Europe it is almost nowhere to be found, and it is most commonly an American product as the U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company controls most of the American sales.

How do you quit smokeless tobacco?

you need an alternitive.. when ever you feel like usuing tobacco you need to think of somthing else you can do.. try chewing gum.

Can you have smokeless tobacco on an airplane?

Yes, you can have smokeless tobacco on an airplane, but you are notallowed to chew it while on the plane. You can carry it in yourcarry-on luggage or check it in baggage.

Where does smokeless tobacco come from?

smokeless tobacco come from tobaaco farms thy grow it and hen when it grows they send it to the stores to be sold and the stores sell it to get profit and then the farm will just grow more and the send it off to get sold

What are some ingredients in smokeless tobacco?

Smokeless tobacco, a.k.a. dip or chewing tobacco, can be purchasedin a pouch or can and is usually in a moist form. Some of theingredients are: Nicotine: which is the addictive element found inall tobacco products.Carcinogens: considered the "cancer causing"element in tobacco products.Sweeteners: These are made of differentsugars and flavors such as mint, wintergreen, or fruity flavorsused to make the smokeless tobacco taste pleasing. However, thesesugars also promote cavities and other dental issues.Abrasives:Gritty materials in the tobacco that can scratch soft tissuesinside the mouth and allow the chemicals and nicotine to enter intothe blood stream faster.Salt: added for flavor but also promoteshigh blood pressure.Other Chemicals: Tobacco products are filledwith many different chemicals and health risks. All users shouldkeep these in mind before choosing to use these products.

Is there fiberglass in smokeless tobacco?

yes there iz a small precent of fiberglass in dip or snuff to poke or cute tiny holes in the lip or cheek to azoarb nicotine if you hold a can of chew in a light you can se it shineing.

Does smokeless tobacco cause cancer?

Yes, smokeless tobacco can cause mouth cancer. It also gives you halitosis (bad breath), ulcers, and gingivitis.

Why is smokeless tobacco bad?

cuz when u take a dip of chew or snuff whatever you prefer more bad things and nicotine enter the blood stream and alot easier since its in ur lip. it can also give u lip cancer which where u have to have ur lip removed lol.yeah ew.

Can you use smokeless tobacco prior to a blood test?

This depends on what the blood test is for, but it may not matter if you use this before a blood test.

How to pass a Life insurance test for tobacco?

Smokers are penalized by the insurance industry because of their higher mortality rate. Possner of Exam & Profile Services says, "Cigarettes [nicotine] will show up many days or even weeks after use in somebody's urine. It will probably still show up if someone has refrained from smoking for a short time prior to the exam.". If any nicotine does show up, you'll be considered a smoker. And the test even detects nicotine that is delivered through a transdermal patch.. What if you're a cigar smoker? "You can have 12 cigars per year, but not one cigarette. If certain levels of nicotine show up in a cigar smoker, they will also be considered a smoker," explains Possner.

What is the best kind of smokeless tobacco?

grizzly wintergreen, mint, straight, 1900 stokers wintergreen copenhagen long cut , whiskey blend, natural, straight, wintergreen skoal berry blend skoal cherry rooster wintergreen kayak grape kodiak wintergreen

How do people use smokeless tobacco?

u open the pack and take a dime to a quarter sized pinch and stick it in your lip and spit.

What is the best smokeless tobacco?

well depends on what you prefer either it be flavored dips non flavored dips for example flavored dip skoal cherry non flavored dip such as Copenhagen wintergreen

How do you dip smokeless tobacco?

Take a pinch of the tobacco and place it in between your gum and your cheek, either on the side of your mouth or in the front. I would recommend the sides first, as putting it in the front of your mouth can hurt at first. Leave the snuff in there for around a half hour, or until it has little flavor left, then take it out and throw it away. [ATTENTION: YOU MUST SPIT THE JUICE THAT COMES FROM THE TOBACCO INTO A GLASS, CUP, OR ANYTHING YOU CAN FIND TO SPIT INTO. IF NOT, YOU COULD GET VERY SICK BY SWALLOWING IT.]

How much nicotine do you get in smokeless tobacco?

it will kill you! cigarrettes are much better. but i hate people who smoke anything!! i suggest u not do it! it will ruin ur life an nobody will wanna b ur friend if ur a smoker at a young age!

What is the harm of smokeless tobacco?

Smokeless tobacco can harm several different parts in your body including your lip, jaw, teeth, and even your throat. Smokeless tobacco, such as Copenhagen, Skoal, Redman, and Grizzly, should not be an alternative for smoking cigarettes. The nicotine in one "dip" of snuff can be four times that of one cigarette. Twenty-eight carcinogens have been identified in chewing tobacco and snuff, s ome of the harmful chemicals in spit tobacco are: Polonium 210, Tobacco-specific N-nitrosamines or TSNA's, Formaldehyde, Nicotine, Cadmium, Cyanide, Arsenic, Benzene, and Lead.

Why do people use smokeless tobacco?

Some think its a safe alternative to smoking..BUT IT ISN'T.. but it does not harm your lungs tho

Is smokeless tobacco good?

No. Tobacco is a harmful substance no matter how it is taken. It can cause cancer of the respiratory system, which leads to a slow and agonizing death, and it somewhat collapses the brain, and both temporarily and long-term paralyzes the immune system. Tobacco taken in chew forms can also cause mouth, stomach, and throat cancer, which are excruciating and usually fatal. Small price to pay for a temporary mild high.

How much nicotine in smokeless tobacco?

There is generally 8mg of nicotine in dip/chew/ snuff. It depends also on the cut, the size of the packaging and how much you consume.

Who usuallu uses smokeless tobacco?

Ha most people who dip are people who either are trying to quit smoking or just like the flavor of it. and its mostly people in the south!

What are some names for smokeless tobacco?

Some names for smokeless tobacco are snuff, chew, rub, chaw, leaf, and dip. These names do not apply to all types of smokeless tobacco however. Snuff, rub, and dip apply to products such as Skoal or Copenhagen. Chew applies to pouch tobacco, such as Red Man and other products.

How do you use smokeless tobacco?

\nTake a pinch with two fingers, then with your other hand pull out your bottom lip, and put the pinch in between your gums and teeth. Don't swallow it, but squeeze it tight and then juices will be flowing spit it out.

Can you bring smokeless tobacco on a plane?

No. Becuse even if you take smokeless tobacco on a plane then you will get in trouble because even though it's smokeless it's still not safe when on a plane.

Where to buy smokeless tobacco in Singapore?

you can by it at any Indian shops in littile India . the brand name is "HANS"

Does smokeless tobacco have sugar in it?

Some does, some doesn't. The US Smokeless Tobacco company posts ingredients for their products, for example Skoal Long Cut Straight apparently has no sugar added, they posted the following ingredients for it, looks like it uses Saccharin for a sweetener: Ingredients . Water . Tobacco . Salt (Sodium Chloride) . Natural and Artificial Flavors . Binders . Sodium Carbonate . Ammonium Carbonate . Sodium Saccharin . Ethyl Alcohol . Preservatives

Do you get dizzy doing smokeless tobacco?

the first couple of times i chewed i got dizzy (or buzzin) its normal for all people who start doing it, but it doesn't last forever, i don't get dizzy anymore from chewing

What are signs or symptoms of smokeless tobacco?

The signs of Smokeless Tobacco are... . A sore in your mouth that bleeds easily and doesn't heal. . A lump or thickening anywhere in the mouth or neck. . Any soreness or swelling in your mouth that doesn't go away. . A red or white patch in your mouth that doesn't go away. . Difficulty chewing, swallowing, or moving your tongue or jaw.

What is the process of using smokeless tobacco?

one inserts the tobacco if it is dip or snuff between the gum and lip preferably on the lower jaw and is sucked on and spit until it is discarded. Chewing tobacco is ripped off of a plug and then chewed and spit in the same manner as gum.

What are two forms of smokeless tobacco?

Moist snuff, commonly known as dip, is used orally; Dry snuff, usually called snuff, is used nasally by gently sniffing (not snorting) the pulverized tobacco powder.

How many carcinogens are in smokeless tobacco?

Although different brands do have a slightly different amount it should be around 28. Not to make it sound like it is harmless but its alot better than 400 you get from cigarettes.

How does smokeless tobacco enter the body?

Smokeless tobacco can be used a few different ways depending on how it is cut there is chewing tobacco, dipping tobacco, snus (spitless), or snuff. there are a few different ways to use smokeless tobacco. most people enjoy putting the tobacco under the lip and spitting the juices except with the snus. but with snuff or course pulverized tobacco can be inhaled through the nose which isn't as common these days. i have also herd of people putting tobacco in there socks. this is actually highly effective in absorbing nicotine some experts may argue its dangerous as the pours in your feet are very large and may absorb too much nicotine but i have my doubts.

What is worse smoking tobacco or smokeless tobacco?

well if you mean chewing tobaco it can cause much more problemsthen nomal cigerettes because your holding it in your mouth causedamage to your gums and teeth. Want good cigarettes chose them from

How to detect smokeless tobacco usage?

You can generally only detect it as it's being used by the brown colored spit that the user produces while using the product, either that or the large lump in the area between the cheek and gum of the user. However using the product towards the back of the mouth in the molar region makes it far easier to hide it. This method only works with moist snuff like Copenhagen, Skoal, or Grizzly, to name a few brands. With chewing tobacco, leaf tobacco that is either cut from a twine of twisted tobacco or just pulled from a pouch, you can only really tell by the bulge in the cheek during use as it can be chewed like gum, or the brown colored spit. Snus, a form of moist snuff that is often packaged in small teabag like pouches is often undetectable as there is no spit and the pouches are small and generally placed in the upper lip. To detect a user without seeing the obvious evidence as listed above, the only way to know for certain is if he (in rare instances, she) has a can shaped ring in his clothing (for Americans, usually in the back pocket) and even then that is only limited to use of dip tobacco like Copenhagen, Skoal, or Grizzly as snus and chewing tobacco is generally not packaged in a way that would create the distinctive "skoal ring" (chew comes in resealable pouches and snus in cans shaped more like a cell phone, thus making them easier to hide on the person).

What are some smokeless tobacco products?

a can of chew.(dip) there are different brands. though, i dont recommend using those either.

What are effects of smokeless tobacco?

Yellowing of teeth, tooth loss, increased likelihood of cancerous cells being formed in the mouth, gum disease, addiction to nicotine, and probably many more. Smokeless tobacco users exhibited slower learning and adjustment to new requirements, more jerks, slower and more irregular movements, and less accurate overall performance compared to non-smokers.

How do you store skoal smokeless tobacco?

That's easy! In you're pocket, as i do. Also some people store it in the freezer. Try to store it in a cool place, preferably dry. This will help to preserve it. In relation; most people say not to keep it for over a week. Personally, I find this untrue, as I have stored a can in a droor for over a week and a half with no I'll effects to it. Even so, try to use it before 2 weeks so it will not dry out. If it does dry out however, you can mix in a small amount of a liquid such as vanilla extract and mix it up or cause the liquid to disperse to the chew to moisten it. Furthermore, try not to mix in too much. In conclusion, pretty much anywhere you please as long as it will not drench or dry out your chew!

Can you use smokeless tobacco prior to a urine test?

you can but it is bad for you and no good test pee will have a bad color.

Does smokeless tobacco affect stamina?

i am an ex smoker... i also workout... i started smoking before i started working out and continued to smoke for four years. when i decided to stop i noticed that i had a lot more energy all around. i did crave cigs and decided to quell that craving with some chew. i noticed my energy level drop when i did that. it came back after a couple of hours though. in my opinion, i believe anything with nicotine affects your energy level.

Can you smoke smokeless tobacco?

In theory, you could. If it's the kind that comes in a pouch or tin, you might want to let it dry out some first.

Is there an expiration date on smokeless tobacco?

Yes, every can of dip has an expiration date on it. Most expiration dates are about 6 months out. However, if you open the can, it will go bad before the expiration.

How long are you high from smokeless tobacco?

You do not get high but get a strong buzz. It all depends on the brand since some are stronger then others. For me grizzly will last me about thirty minutes. It also depends on what your body can handle and what you are used to

Can you carry smokeless tobacco to America?

Yes you can. It is legal, but be reasonable in the amount you carry as to not rouse suspicion. In addition, since the states has a plethora of smokeless chew and snuff, it wouldn't make much sense to import the stuff. I would go to a local smoke shop or 7-11. Also, moderation is key!

Are smokeless tobacco and chewing tobacco the same?

No they are not the same. Chewing tobacco is usually either cut pieces or ropes made of tobacco that one chews on. smokeless tobacco more commonly known as snuff, dip, or chew, is a tobacco that is put in your mouth and left there to get the nicotine.

Is smokeless tobacco the same as cigarettes?

Actually smokeless tobacco, such as chew and dip, are more addictive and harmful than cigarettes. Chew has fiberglass in it so that it cuts the gums in your mouth to allow the nicotine directly into you blood stream. It also is the leading cause of mouth cancer because it just sits in your mouth. Smokeless tobacco has just as many poisons in it as a cigarette. Smokeless tobacco is VERY unappealing. It is unattractive to see someone spit out the product.

How do people get hooked to smokeless tobacco?

It has in nicotine in it. That's what makes people get hooked on every tobacco product.

Where can buy smokeless tobacco online?

A person can buy smokeless tobacco from several places online. Some of these places include Northerner, Amazon, USA Cigarettes, Mr. Snuff, and BnB Tobacco.

What is the best smokeless tobacco alternative?

The best smokeless tobacco alternative is definitely a matter of opinion but there are several very popular brands. These include Smokey Mountain herbal snuff, Mint snuff or mint chew, and gum or mints.