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Official size of a softball?

Depending on teh age group you are in, if you are 10u or younger it is 11' inchs. If you are 12u and up it is 12' inches.
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What is the average size of a softball bat?

There is no average size for a softball bat. The lengths can run  from 24 to 34 inches depending on the height or ages of the  players.
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Batting in softball?

-Walk to the left or right (depending on what side your better  on) in the batters box   -If shes a slow pitcher stand in front of the home plate (don't get  out of the (MORE)
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Does the -9 mean the bat is heavier than a -10 fastpitch softball bat?

If you are talking about the same length bat then yes a 9 drop is  heavier than a 10 drop. The -9 and -10 is used to tell you the  weight of the bat in relationship to the l (MORE)

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