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Softball Bat size for 9-year-old girl?

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What size softball glove for a4 year old?

I would go with a 9 inch or 10 inch glove. Wilson makes a good one:    Wilson 9in Tee-Ball Glove (MORE)

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What does -9 mean on a softball bat?

-9 means the difference between the weight and the length of the bat (the length of the bat minus the weight of the bat). Most bats on average are -10
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How fast do 13 year old girls pitch softballs?

Honestly, It depends on the girl.  Some don't even pitch 40, while others pitch nearly 60.
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Batting in softball?

-Walk to the left or right (depending on what side your better  on) in the batters box   -If shes a slow pitcher stand in front of the home plate (don't get  out of the b (MORE)