What does Michael Myers real face look like?

If you watch Halloween Laurie rips his mask of right near the end of the film, in Halloween 5 at the beginning in the hermits shack you see him briefly from a distance and (MORE)

How do they make fake blood look so real?

You can make it some of these ways depending on the type of blood you need, use amounts/proportions according to eye: Fresh or spurting blood from arteries or flowing from (MORE)

Do target's fake uggs look like real ones?

Well it depends what size you are talking about. If you are talking about the slipper size the Target size looks EXACTLY like the Uggs except the Ugg written on them. If you (MORE)

Is operation repo real or fake?

according to Wikipedia...it's fake. but i have a hard time believeing that, considering that Froy got the crap beat out of him, and Lou actually went to the hospital. Fr (MORE)