Are you required to have ATT wireless service to use an Apple iPhone?

No you can (maybe) just buy the iPhone for some extra money and set it up with another company, however it may require you to jailbreak (or hack) the iPhone. Answer Yes, AT& (MORE)

Can you block the phone off the iPhone?

No It Is Not, It is possible to restrict safari, youtube, itunes, installing apps, camera and location however. I would recommend trying an Ipod Touch, as it is relatively si (MORE)

How do you block private calls on the iPhone?

First you have to download an app such as MCleaner. Then go to the "Profile" tab and click settings. Look for the "Call Options" tab, next to the option that says "Private Num (MORE)

How do you block someone on iPhone 4?

If you mean to block them sending texts to you or calling you, you would have to call up your Network Operator as there is no inbuilt blacklist on the iPhone 4. There is a way (MORE)

How do you block a phone number on iphone 5?

You are not able to block any phone number manually from any cell phone. You could call your cell phone carrier and ask them to block the phone number for you. You can also pu (MORE)
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How do you block callers on the iPhone 5?

There is currently no way of doing this without concerning your carrier currently. But coming with iOS 7 (an update you can download this fall 2013), there will be a native wa (MORE)